HP doesn't stand for 'Huge Pancreas'

810-150SE desktop compared to 800-089 desktop. For only $50 more you are getting a Bluray player, better video card, more RAM, and Windows 8.1 Pro instead of Windows 8. That’s at least $200 worth of better stuff. Well worth the extra $50.

It stands for Hungry 'Potamuses.

The video card isn’t necessarily better, especially since the GTX 645 has GDDR5 according to HP’s site. You do lose out on not having an SSD, but you do gain the X79 platform and the nice things listed above. The 800-089 would probably give you better gaming results, but anyone looking to game at this money should build their own imho.

I would probably only go for the more expensive one if you really need Blu-ray, Win 8 Pro, the marginal processor increase, or some feature of the X79 platform. Having use computers with SSD, it’s hard to go back to something using a regular disk.

Another difference is the cheaper one is new with a one year warranty. The more expensive one is refurbished with a 3 month warranty.

The HP Envy 700-230QE was a bit cheaper last week with the same specs.

The one last week didn’t have BlueTooth. This one does.

Can someone please tell me the difference between the ENVY and Pavillion series comps??? I’m in desperate need a of a new comp and I like the Pavillion A-10. I don’t really game. I mostly just surf the net and watch alotta stuff like YouTube. Contact me at mbertram@columbus.rr.com

The HP Envy 700-230QE on sale a week ago is sitting in my office as of today and definitely HAS Bluetooth. It was 849.99.

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Thank you for the information. Are you happy with the computer?

The case styling is the only difference. I’d go with one of the Pavilion i3-4130’s over that A-10 if I had to chose.

It’s a much better processor:

The A10 has a 2TB hardrive vs 1TB for the i3. But with the $80-90 you save on the i3 you can pick up an external USB 3 hard drive. The i3 is also available with windows 7 or 8.1.

Good observations. I was quite sure someone would pick apart my little original post. Partly in this range of computer it comes down to personal preference. Both are great machines. I was just trying to point out that you are getting a lot of upgrades for $50.

I find the startup speed of Win 8 to be so much better than Win 7 that I don’t miss an SSD. And SSDs are not perfect. Here’s a link comparing SSDs to HDDs. For desktops I think HDDs are still fine.


Actually, it’s ‘Huge Poop’. Or alternatively, ‘Huge Piece of S­hit’.

I’d be tempted, for everyday stuff, to go for the A10. It’s not as fast CPU wise, that’s true, but it’s much more powerful GPU wise. For systems for everyday use, I tend to recommend better balanced systems as one aspect won’t feel “aged” as quickly. Either though, at this price point, are sufficient for daily computing and are cheap enough that you shouldn’t expect to use it for a super long time.

What is really annoying is that NONE of them have HDMI out, which is just stupid imho, and shows the HP cost cutting stupidity.

I haven’t used W8 much at all, so maybe SSD vs. HDD for Win 8 is not that big of a deal. However, I would not make a decision based off the linked article.

His main two points against SSD’s are cost and wear out.

While wearing out an SSD is certainly possible, it’s not likely in anything other then heavy enterprise server environments. A good guide is http://www.anandtech.com/show/6459/samsung-ssd-840-testing-the-endurance-of-tlc-nand where anandtech looked into life of samsung’s TLC drives (840 / 840 EVO). Even with very high activity you are likely looking at life longer then you would normally keep the drive.

As far as price, the original link listed 240 GB SSD for $280.00, which is just not realistic. I just grabbed a 256 GB drive with a discount code and rebate for $75.00. However, you can find good drives for $0.50/GB all day without having to work a deal.

Yes, so far so good! It’s quite speedy.

MOD, according to the WOOT! spec sheet page of the one I ordered it said, “Bluetooth: Yes”

The ENVY series is a notch above the Pavilion series in Hps lineup,with the ENVY PHOENIX being the top of the line...The main advantage of the ENVY series over the Pavilion line is 1) MOST of the ENVY line include a discrete video card and dont use “on board” graphics which gives better performance…and the ENVY series case includes an expansion bay for adding an extra DVD or Bluray drive in the future,should you decide to do so…the Pavilion series cases include only ONE DVD drive slot.


Unfortunately, most of the discrete graphic cards used in these models are pretty poor quality if you are hoping to use the computer for advanced gaming.