HP doesn't stand for 'Huge Pancreas'

Does that even happen on the internet?!!!

Ordered my HP Pavilion 15-n204nr 15.6" Notebook 3 days ago, charged and processed within an hour, but still hasn’t shipped out… :confused:

Any opinions on this model?

As stated in that sale (and this one), it will ship out in 3-5 business days. Patience, my friend. :slight_smile:

Ah, I must have misunderstood actually shipping it out within that time vs delivery within that time. Thanks for the clarification!

Still open for opinions on this model though!

Hi Matt,

I ordered one for my son and had a hard time finding information on it before doing so. I did look at reviews on this site, which had 301 reviews and the rating was 4.5 stars out of 5 so it gave me an idea. The reviews seem to be gathered from various sources, hence the name:


Dual monitor support on any of these?

Thanks! Some of the reviews on that website say that it is a touchscreen. Is this the case?

I never said they were world class video cards,but a discrete video card,even a low end one,is still better than integrated graphics.

Does the 15-n204nr in this sale have a backlit keyboard? HP website says yes, but it is not mentioned here. Also since the specs are specific about it being 8GB memory in 1 slot, I assume it can max at 16GB of memory. Is that a safe assumption?

We will state it if we know for sure it has it. If it’s not stated, it probably doesn’t have it.

Each laptop can be configured differently.

I just got mine in the mail today. (Odd, my account page still says it has not been sent out, yet its in my possession.) Great buy. I’m not sure about the RAM question, but it does not have a backlit keyboard. Excellent computer though.

Mine was delivered today. Unfortunately, the one spec I cared about - DVI-D and DVI-I outputs on the video card - totally wrong! It has DVI, HDMI, and Display Port. So the 2 x 27’" monitors I ordered from another company - the ones I plan to use at 2560x1440 - well only one of those is going to natively connect; the other is going to require an extra c-note investment in a Display Port to Active Dual Link DVI cable. Thanks, w00t, for screwing up the specs. Now let’s see if your support team makes it right and credits me the cost of the now-required add-on cable. (Seriously, was it so hard to just go LOOK at the computer to make sure the specs were right?)

My computer does not have a valid product key, nore the sticker of authenticity that all microsoft products come with. I am not able to activate windows 8.1 pro. and hp shows the product is 75 days past it warranty date, and lets not forget that the video specs were wrong i have and hdmi and a dvi not 2 dvi.so all and all i was given and illegal product, that can land me with prison time and a 100,000 dollar fine. this is unacceptable.

Beginning with Windows 8, MSFT no longer uses the certificate of authenticity. The product key is now contained in BIOS. You can Google this for more information. You have a legal copy of Windows.

Your warranty may be through a 3rd party contracted by HP. Check the paperwork that came with your computer.

If you have further questions, please email support@woot.com for assistance. Include your Woot username and order number for faster service.

Support is copping out and sending me a link to the HP website to say the specs are what they are supposed to be. But I didn’t buy this from HP, did I? I bought it from w00t! And your specs say 2xDVI ports! Graphics cards have multiple configs with varying port configs, so I trusted your specs. Sending me a link to HP is weak and not what I expect from w00t! support. So now I have to spend $100 on a DisplayPort to Active DVI cable and you think that’s no big deal? Sorry, w00t!, but if this is how things are being handled now you can kiss my business goodbye.

Thats odd becuz you still put the product key within the os not the bios, and within the OS it is telling me that According to microsoft the product key has been “blocked” which means it is not valid, will not be validated and will eventually get flagged as illegal and be unusable. thus I am unable to activate it, oh and lets not for get no windows authentication sticker which comes with all not some all windows keys. I have emailed woot support and go not responses. no one trying to talk to me nothing of any sort. and lets not forget that i a response no human response of course only a return label, no human interation at all, seems kind of tame of a responce when it comes to potential jail time on my side and who knows what else

I’m sorry for the problem. Make sure when you email CS that you are very clear that you got an item with different specs than advertised. I’ll add you to my afternoon report.

I’m sorry for the lack of CS email. They do usually email separately from the return label which has to be a separate email. You might check your spam/junk folders.

Nothing, located anywhere. This issue will need to be addressed before I will do anything. I will not send it back till i have my money back I have been put to much at right between the amount that was spend and the potential illegal charges. I don’t necessarily want to return it ether, i just want a legitimate copy of windows 8.1 pro. like was supposed to come with the device.

I was very clear in my original support request that I was sent something with different specs. Support asked for a picture of the back of the PC to verify what I had, then sent me the link to HP. I replied and reiterated that I didn’t buy this from HP and that the w00t specs were wrong. No response from support about that. Support person: Riley.

What is w00t going to do to correct this? Send me the $100 for the conversion cable?

This PC is for my job. And 2 1/2 days after I received it I still don’t have anything resembling a satisfactory answer. Just a link to HP.