HP EliteBook 12" Intel i7 160GB Laptops

This is the notebook I use everyday. It’s about a 2009 vintage, great keyboard/trackpoint/touchpad, good battery life. Perfect size for a small backpack and for travel. Plenty of power. You can still find memory upgrades to 8gb or 16gb reasonably priced, and if you really want it to go fast, you can put in a small 1.8" SSD. You can even swap out the optical drive for a drive tray that can hold 2.5" hard drives. You can also find docking stations for them on eBay worth the money. I’ve one for myself and my wife… :slight_smile:

I got this notebook with cheap generic replacement battery, which was not recognized by the system at all. It looks like nobody tested it before. Bad experience.

I’m very sorry for the problem. This has a warranty through Skyline. Make sure you contact them for assistance.