HP EliteBook 14" AMD Full-HD Touch Notebook

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HP EliteBook 14" AMD Full-HD Touch Notebook
Price: $549.99
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Time to learn all about the processor

Anyone have experience installing linux on this model? I am interested, but ubuntu support is necessary for my purchase.

Positive Review over at Notebook Check

Im looking for 2 teenageers so need the biggest bang for my buck. Would this work for a beginner artist who currently draws on their iphone? She wants a touchscreen.

The other needs something for college. Likes to watch movies on it. Also uses lightroom for photography.

I would recommend this instead for $600:

It’s a convertible, which means the top can be folded all the way back to make a tablet. If you are drawing or writing on a surface, it works best if you can do it in tablet mode, or you can fold it over and make it like an easel also. It’s an I7 still full-HD with 12GB RAM. It doesn’t have an SSD, but to tell you the truth 128GB SSD is small. You can pickup a 250GB Samsung EVO 850 from Newegg for $75 (after promo code) and install it yourself in the convertible.

Solid AMD processor.
Great resolution for watching movies.
14" screen which is the perfect size for mobility; Not too big, not too small.
Built in GPU, but somewhat on par with the Intel HD 5500 which, at least, allows for light load gaming.
Hate to see a 3 cell and not a 6 cell battery, though.
The closet comparison I could find didn’t have a SSD and had lower screen res at +$25. Good buy.

Would have been perfect had it not been for the touchscreen. For a business grade laptop, the glass added for touch screen capability kills any ability of using this outdoors or in a very lit environment, like an office. Too much glare from all of the lighting.

I use the EliteBook 840 (non-touch, Inter i7) for work, and it’s pretty nice. I run 2 large external monitors + the laptop screen, and also run VM’s. Lightweight, reasonably durable, and the RJ45 port is just cool. Keyboard doesn’t suck, but does have backlight and mouse-stick-thingy.

Displayport kills it. Want to output to my 65"

Yes- the audio will go through just fine also.


Displayport to HDMI adapters are readily available. I have one here at work for my Woot laptop.