HP EliteBook 14" Intel 750GB SATA Laptop


HP EliteBook 14" Intel 750GB SATA Laptop
Price: $379.99
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Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Thursday, Mar 05 to Friday, Mar 06) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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1366 x 768

OK- where are all my pixel whores! I am your Pimp. NO MORE 1366x768!

I had this laptop for work. Heavy but extremely well built. I dropped it from a third floor balcony onto grass and it survived with only just a small chuck missing on from the bezel on the corner of the screen.

I was shocked.

I bought two of these in December and just fired them up last week. The Windows activation code on the sticker wasn’t valid on either unit so I emailed Woot with a “what’s up?”

Woot replied along the lines, “…Windows 8 activation is now in the BIOS…” and gave me a helpful link on how to locate. Helpful if the units had Windows 8. See, I bought them because they had Windows 7.

So I sent a reply saying along the lines, “…ummmmm, the units have Windows 7” to which they replied, “What exactly would you say your problem is?”

My problem is you sold me two units with invalid Windows activation codes and no disk to boot the OS and then were ignorant of what I told you my problem was.

I paid a guy $50 and bought a recovery disk from HP (another eleven bucks) to get set up with authentic Windows 7PRO.

But thanks for the Windows 8 information. Geez.

So, according to the specs the keyboard has drains. Just … how? Where? Why?!

It doubles as a urinal when you’re off the grid. Since the display is only 1366x768, it makes for an ideal back splash for the urinal. You can even use a target wallpaper to add more entertainment value.

5400 RPM drives are a deal killer…too darn slow! 7200 or hybrid or SSD only!

i bought one of these used off ebay 3 years ago for the same price. it still works great. i like it a lot. the build quality is very solid. it is not lightweight. i love the keyboard feel. i have had to purchase another bat tree, but it was under $30. it’ll stay charged a few hours. what does anybody do with a pc express card slot? no hdmi sadly. honestly i don’t think i’d spend this amount of money on these specs today. ram and ssds are cheap and falling today. it’s the cpu, monitor, keyboard, and ports that i’d be looking for if i were lookin to buy. i’ll keep runnin mine into the ground, though. i doubt it’ll make it another year. the woot has a year warranty. from some company i’ve never heard of. there’s that. 3.7/5