HP EliteBook 2540P 12" Intel i5 Laptop

Review from MAR 2010 [almost 6 y.o.]

I could not pass this one up, ordered two of them.

How in the hell does it not have an optical drive? Wish I would have seen that aspect.

It’s fairly common for anything under 15"(and even several 15 inch models) not to have one anymore as honestly optical drives are pushing obsolescence.

Think the last time i can even recall using one was at least 8 years ago.

Good luck reinstalling a legit OS if yours gets corrupted.

You DO realize we’ve been able to install operating systems from Flash drives for some time now yes? In addition if you upgrade to windows 10 you aren’t even using keys anymore the OS is tied to the computer itself and self activates upon install to the same machine.

But even if you insisted on using optical media for nostalgia sake. A cheap external costs very very little these days should your personal needs for some reason require one.

The one laptop i still have kept (mostly use my ipad with a mechanical keyboard now thank you lightning camera cable) is my old thinkpad r61i and even with it being older than this machine i removed the dvd drive to install a second HDD bay the day i bought it and have never needed it to reinstall the OS.

P.S generally refurbished (and even most modern new machines) no longer include a recovery cd/dvd it’s generally stored on a partition or a flash drive. Or again in the case of windows 10 tied to the machine itself.