HP EliteBook 745-G3 14" A8 128GB Notebook

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HP EliteBook 745-G3 14" A8 128GB Notebook
Price: $339.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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11/24/2017 - $339.99 (Woot-off)

Looks like no HDMI.

It has DisplayPort though so you can get an adapter to go to HDMI.

I have one of the Intel versions of this laptop issued by my company. As mentioned, it has DisplayPort, which can be easily adapted to HDMI. It also supports Miracast/Wireless Display too.

Considering. How’s the performance?
I just picked up an Asus Vivobook which seems pretty good save for the fact the fan comes on all the time and doesn’t have a backlit keyboard. Otherwise the specs are very similar.

That said I’m still within the return window so if this has an edge over the Asus model above, I’d be interested in hearing the feedback.

I purchased the same, or similar HP EliteBook through woot about a year ago. It came without a charger. After discussing it with woot they couldn’t ship a charger to me, so refunded some amount of money, less than it cost to buy a charger.

The Notebook itself is good. It’s obviously not a powerhouse, but its small size makes it easy to carry around the house for watching shows, working on documents and code, and other general purpose uses. It can play some games just fine, so long as they don’t have high/any graphics requirements, such as Dwarf Fortress, RimWorld, Simple Planes, and any old DOS games from GOG.com.

…and it’s less than $10 (if you don’t get ripped off).

Anyone know what the battery life is on this laptop?

I like using the DP-HDMI cables vs the adapters- the adapters end up sticking out too far. This 6ft cable is $8.50

Cablor Gold Plated DP1.2 DisplayPort to HDMI Cable,1080P Full HD Video,Black Color 6ft/1.8M


The keyboard had non-standard keys between the standard keys and the enter and shift keys.

I know this will mess with me when typing.

You can see what I mean by magnifying the image of the keyboard.

This isn’t bad for the price. Full HD screen, backlit keyboard, 8GB RAM is appropriate, 1YR HP warranty, this AMD CPU is comparable to an I3. SSD - although 128GB is a little small.

14" and 4Lbs makes it pretty portable form factor between standard laptop and ultrabook.Good student/everyday laptop. It may do some light gaming in low resolution, but don’t buy this for gaming, and not the best choice for video-editing/rendering either.

Nice Call.

[QUOTE=gak0090, post:10, topic:718734]
I like using the DP-HDMI cables vs the adapters- the adapters end up sticking out too far. This 6ft cable is $8.50

Thank you for this post. Been looking for a non adaptor solution!

You should be able to install a 2nd hard drive or SSD in this. Mine is the 840-G3 version (Intel), but appears to be exactly the same chassis. I installed a 2nd SSD inside mine for work.

In case this happens to anyone else, the USB C port didn’t work until I updated the BIOS from version 1.08 to 1.20.