HP EliteBook 745-G3 14" A8 128GB Notebook

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HP EliteBook 745-G3 14" A8 128GB Notebook
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Looking at amazon found HP EliteBook 745 G3 14" Notebook PC - AMD A10-8700B 1.8GHz 8GB 256GB for the $329.95 with free shipping and potentially no tax. I’m wondering why one would not chose that one instead: https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B073KVK1G5/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all

The one you linked from the mothership has a slightly better CPU and twice the SSD storage. The one on Woot has a higher resolution screen (1920x1080 vs 1366x768). They’re different configurations of the same series of laptop, so it’s up to the buyer which configuration would work better for them.

This is kind of interesting (and seems backward), but the A8-8600B (woot laptop) slightly out performs the A10-8700B(amazon laptop).The A10 was targeted for mainstream laptops while the A8 was targeted for business laptops. Even though the chips are quite similar and the A10 actually has a higher clock, the A8 is slightly favored in most benchmarks. https://www.notebookcheck.net/Pro-A10-8700B-vs-Pro-A8-8600B-vs-A8-8600P-vs-Pro-A8-8600B-vs-A8-8600P_7008_7008_7008_7009_6846.247596.0.html
Even on passmark the A8-8600B is 3827 while the A10-8700B is 3595. Grant it that those numbers are close enough that there would be no perceivable difference. It’s interesting to note that despite a higher clock on hardware similar chips, the A10 performs slightly lower than this particular A8. Which make me think that they tweaked the instruction set on the A8 a bit for business purposes that allow it to benchmark higher at a lower clock.

would like to know for sure if it does not have HDMI

Business oriented laptop means it has a Displayport output and no HDMI. You can see it in the first picture if you zoom in. Dongles to convert DP to HDMI are fairly inexpensive.

These are even better to use for $9. DP to HDMI, Rankie 6 Feet Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDMI HDTV Cable


This seems like a pretty good price for these specs, and I have had good experience with HP business refurbs. (On my 4th one now.) However, while the FHD resolution is nice, the non-IPS screen is not. The non-IPS displays on Elitebooks have been awful, in my experience. I expect this display to be dim with poor viewing angles.