HP EliteBook 745-G3 14" A8 128GB Notebook

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HP EliteBook 745-G3 14" A8 128GB Notebook
Price: $289.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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What’s up with all the holes in the sides… Apple notebooks don’t have holes? Maybe that’s why it was refurbished; because it has too many holes in the sides?

Apple sucks.

Strongly considering this…

Talk me me out of it!

Well, it IS missing HDMI and /ac, but still would work nicely for its intended job description here…

Maybe we can find a few more people here and start our own support group.

This is a really bad troll attempt. Either way, some Macbooks certainly do have “holes” so I’m not sure what you’re going on about.

Depending on your particular needs this might fit the bill well. So I might be pushing you over the edge.

This is going to be similar in performance to an Intel I3-7100U which is decent for a workstation laptop like it was designed for. The graphics will handle some gaming (mild-mid level w/ low res). The panel is nice being 1920x1080, it has an SSD (a little small at 128GB, but still plenty for most uses), 8 GB of RAM is appropriate for this model, a multitude of different ports, and don’t be concerned with lack of HDMI, because a display port to HDMI cable is like $11 https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-DisplayPort-HDMI-Cable-Feet/dp/B015OW3M1W. It’s a pretty nice well-balanced laptop for $290.

If you are going to show the fingerprint reader in almost every picture, you should probably say somewhere besides the specs page that it actually doesn’t have one.

Sorry about this :frowning: . HP only provides us stock images and say to go off of what the specs and features say.

I bought 3 of them to replace some older Dell Latitudes at work last time they were sold. Very nice for the money. They aren’t completely pristine but 99% of people will have a hard time noticing that they aren’t mint especially after a couple of days use. If you need a good laptop for general use you’re going to have a hard time finding more bang for your buck especially when comparing them to most consumer grade laptops. When I registered them with the HP support assistant program all had at least 15 months of warranty and one had 28 months. Two really nice thing about the ones I got were the drive was in the M2 slot and only one of the Memory slots was used. So adding storage and memory will be relatively cheap and easy since I can throw a 1TB spinner in the 2.5 inch drive slot and a DIMM slot is free.

Anyone know if it’s touch screen? Also, anything on battery life anyone can add? Thanks

Mine weren’t and I doubt any are touch screen. Battery life is such a variable thing based off what your doing but 3 to 4 hours of continuous normal office work is what I would expect.

Nope not touch screen. I always look at the processor first then display. Like the full HD but never had AMD processor laptop before.

With a 256GB SSD it would be a super hot deal.

We use these at work, but I don’t know if the processor is AMD or Intel. My old job gave us AMD HP Probooks that were crap, so I’ll never go for one personally. If this were Intel, then I’d say it’s a really decent PC for this price.

Got one and the keyboard didn’t light up completely. Called in and they gave me the option to send it back or have a new keyboard sent to me. I sent it back and they turned it around pretty quick.
Turns out they had not given me the same laptop as I sent in. No big deal since I hadn’t put anything on the 1st one.
However the keyboard still didn’t light up correctly on this one either. Emailed them and they overnighted me a new keyboard this time.
Overall I’m happy with this laptop and decent support from the vendor.