HP EliteBook 840 14" 180GB SSD Notebook

This isn’t sending with the correct AC adapter. The page says it’s bundled with a 65W AC Adapter but all the replacement parts for the AC Adapter say 90W.

Edit: I may be wrong. The 65W model isn’t very popular, though.

The one I received, however, seems to indicate a problem with the AC Adapter. The Power and Caps Lock LED’s are flashing when the cord is plugged in.

Was about to order it but I noticed that it is missing a key feature that is needed nowadays. And previous have had No HDMI port.

I did some more checking, and I got a 45W power adapter (model no. hstnn-ca40), not a 65W adapter, and no SSD in the bay. No wonder the computer won’t boot, and this is absolutely not what I ordered.



Some cables appear to be detached as well. I’ve never had an experience like this from Woot before, but this was a mess. I’ve contacted customer service, I guess I’m sending it back.

Edit: Looked up some reference pictures, found the SSD, and those “detached” cables actually aren’t supposed to attach anywhere. I may have over-reacted. The laptop is still DOA, but It might just be the wrong adapter, like I originally thought. I’ll pick up another compatible adapter (like the one that was supposed to be sent) and see if that gets it to boot, before deciding what to do with it.


Hey FSSZilla: Sorry about the problem with the adapter. Be sure to contact Metro Business Systems so they can get you the correct adapter. They should be able to help with the rest as well.

It has DisplayPort. DisplayPort to HDMI adapters are easily obtained.

Many manufacturers are moving to DisplayPort over HDMI.

Yea I saw that. I am not a fan of the Display port because you have to carry an additional cable/adapter where ever you go. I have a surface and it is annoying. Flat Screens were trying to do that but you know where that went. This was gonna be for my High School/College child. Carrying extra stuff and easy to lose is a big NO NO.