HP EliteBook 840-G1 Intel i5 320G Laptop

HP EliteBook 840-G1 Intel i5 320G Laptop

I normally avoid refurbished, but these specs and price strike me as a really decent deal. Other opinions?

I love the throwback Windows 8 screen shot. Nice job, really retro.

This model was released 5 yrs ago. No touch screen, wireless N. No SSD. Probably a good computer in it’s day. You can buy it elsewhere, Amazon, Walmart for not much more.

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@buckminster, yes, after reflection, searching other prices, and misreading the SATA to be SSD, I agree, and there appears to be units with SSD out there for same or lower price. Appreciate the wake up.

As a stand-alone laptop, these are OK; however, they are a constant source of headaches when you use them with a docking station and monitor(s). Also watch out for the battery, hopefully these ones have already been screened for the whole “bloat and explode” recall already…