HP EliteBook 840-G3 14" i5 Notebooks

HP EliteBook 840-G3 14" i5 Notebooks

It says your choice storage, but I don’t see where to choose

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Hmmmm, let me ask which we’re selling.

Update. It’s fixed. 256GB SSD.

Usually (for the most part) all the HP Laptops are “Factory Refurbished”, can anyone confirm if this deal is “refurbished” or “factory refurbished”?

Hi there. This one is refurbished with a CNB warranty.

Back lit keyboard?

It’s not mentioned in the specs so likely not.

What does CNB warranty mean

CNB Computers is our vendor for this item. They’re carrying the warranty.

Does it show what was wrong with the computer?

No. It will vary from unit to unit.