HP EliteBook 840-G3 14" Touch Notebook

HP EliteBook 840-G3 14" Touch Notebook

Is this 8 gb Or 16 gb ?

Also, what is the battery life of this Laptop ?

What is the warranty on this ?

Is windows activated ?

Say you want to do a reset, is there a product key ?

Is this laptop charging by usb type c ?

Hi there, most of the information you’re asking for is listed in the description and specs.

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I believe the HP website will have all the info you’re looking for.

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I’d be careful to make sure these laptops are upgradable to Windows 11 which will be released this fall. I have a 3 year old HP laptop that Microsoft says doesn’t meet CPU specs dispite having 8 gigs of ram and the security requirements.

Yes, I’ve just had a look at the Intel website. The CPU is this laptop is a 6th generation. Only Intel 8th generation CPU’s and up will be upgraded to Windows 11. So these laptops will be obsolete and stuck on Windows 10 forever. You will see a lot of cheap laptop refurb in the coming months. This is the reason why. I’d steer clear.

Windows 11 CPU requirements