HP EliteBook 840-G4 14" i5 256GB Notebook

HP EliteBook 840-G4 14" i5 256GB Notebook

1366 x 768 is not 1080P HD

Be sure to check out the keyboard layout to make sure it’s something you’re comfortable with. My previous laptop was a Lenovo, and this HP layout, particularly the way the Page Up/Dn, Home, Delete, End, and cursor (arrow) keys are arranged is very different. I ended up getting an external keyboard that had the layout that I liked.

It’s a little difficult to find a picture of the keyboard layout, but here’s an eBay posting that has a decent picture of it.


1366 x 768 is HD
1920 x 1080 is FHD

does anyone know if you can put the hard drive from a G3 version of this into this and will it all work?

1366 x 768 display stinks up this deal at $430, even with that 18 month warranty from a refurber. And you should budget for a new battery.

7th gen i5 cpu. Latest released is 11th gen. Business grade machines like this do tend to lag generations by 1-3 gens even when new because businesses are risk averse and prefer proven generations that have been in the wild for at least a year or two. In the real world, now that PCs have matured, most users could not feel the performance difference between even 3-4 generations in a blind test on mainstream functions… assuming both have SSDs.