HP EliteBook 8400P 14" Intel i5 Notebook

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HP EliteBook 8400P 14" Intel i5 Notebook
Price: $194.99 - 239.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Monday, Apr 03 to Thursday, Apr 06) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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I still think they should have at least two different variations on the “refurbished” condition description to indicate whether an item is a like-new manufacturer refurbished, current/very recently discontinued model, or an off-lease product that’s up to several years old but wiped and tested by a third party.

In the case of this Woot, they’ll be the latter even though it’s not stated (but probably implied by the price and the OS, as well as the CPU).

That having been said, the 8460p/8470p were very solid laptops in their day, and were issued to employees of a ton of companies as work PCs. They’re NOT thin or light, but the case is metal and the bottom cover opens without tools for easy access to components. The screen resolution is just adequate, and there’s no HDMI port, but you can get a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, or a docking station. The DVD drive may be a small plus for some users as many recent laptops have dropped that feature these days.

Overall, I’d probably swap out the hard drive for an SSD to make it boot faster and launch programs quicker, probably add RAM in the case of the 4GB unit (8GB is OK) and it would make a very capable general purpose laptop for office/school apps, web browsing, and various other everyday uses (obviously not for much heavy gaming or running After Effects, etc).

Windows 7 and a four-hour battery life, so I guess $200 is about right.

Detailed reviews:

I picked up one of these at an earlier sale. If these are the same pool – and that’s how I’d bet – they’re probably lease returns refurbished by AST. The lease tag has been peeled off, a new palm rest sticker’s been applied, then new software with a fresh license is laid down on the machine. Aside from the sticker residue both of mine were really clean and looked pretty close to new.

Note that I did say ‘both’, though. The first one had a bad motherboard. Woot wanted me to deal with AST, first, and AST spent the next number of weeks asking increasingly stupid questions via email and taking the better part of a week in turnaround time. Once I finally got an RMA set up and the replacement arrived, I’ve been happy ever since.

I concur with this. This is a boring business laptop, and it perfectly sufficient for boring business things. An SSD will make it quite a bit zippier, but this isn’t going to be great for gaming or media. Mine is my workshop machine, and it’s been perfect good for looking up documentation and programming Arduino.

Picked up a similar one of these a year ago.

Mine came with a 240gb ssd, but was $300.

The specs on mine said it did not have Bluetooth or a webcam, but when it arrived, it had both. Certainly not a guarantee this time around.

I agree with the other commenters. If you spend a little money on an SSD, this machine will serve you well for everyday activities and older games.

It is chunky, but if you aren’t planning on carrying this around it will serve you well. It is solid and easy to tinker with.

The other BIG bonus in my opinion is that it comes with Win 7 Pro and NOT Win 10.

The battery life may leave something to be desired but NOT having Win10 counts as a plus for many people.

These are solid laptops and were standard issue at my company so there’s still a lot kicking around. They seem to be bulletproof so people are stuck on the standard 3+ yr refresh cycle before getting a new laptop.

i5+HDD is adequate if underpowered for software dev tasks as long as it isn’t loaded up with crap corporate-style overbearing antivirus. Load it up with 16GB + SSD and it would be fine. Docking Station has tons of ports and easy on-off, would be a fine desktop replacement unless you’re a gamer or graphic designer.

Just an FYI: the 8470p models may still have some serial numbers that are still under warranty. Most of them were built 2013-14 so if you do pick one up check out HP’s site to see. With them going out of warranty too and the Elitebook’s moving to a different style dock, you can likely find docks for relatively cheap. My company has gotten rid of over 200+ in the last few months as we make the move to the slim docks for the 840 series.

I’ll agree with the others. These are solid machines; I’ve purchased and deployed dozens of off-lease/refurbished ones at my company. I’ll agree that with an SSD and 8GB of memory they’ll plow through whatever you need as long as it’s not gaming or something super CPU intensive. They are not in the class of ultra-portables, but they are very solidly built and easy to work on. A good school laptop for sure. Extended batteries help the unplugged time significantly.

The USB 3 on the 8460p is an add-on controller, not part of the Intel chipset. The 8470p has native USB 3.0 capability, but functionally it shouldn’t make a difference.

A common problem I find with these is the little keyboard light above the screen. People have a tendency to break the cover on them so you can’t turn it off. Replacing the bezel is very simple, however.

About the only thing that bugs me about this is the lower-res screen but most people are fine with that.

In for one (8470P)!

Please tell me more about these “docks”…

They will give you lots of extra ports (some may support dual external monitors, but YMMV, and the “advanced” dock models even have an extra bay for another disk drive or optical drive).
The idea is you keep the dock on your desk and connect it to a full size keyboard, mouse, monitor, LAN cable (if desired), power adapter, and any other desired peripherals, and then you can just click the laptop into the dock to connect up everything at once and use your laptop like a desktop.

New from the manufacturer they’re quite pricey, but can be found MUCH cheaper on auction sites, etc. There are a ton of different models and some are compatible with different types of laptops. If buying used you’d want to make sure to get one that comes with a power adapter (some sellers might not include it).

For an 8460p/8470p You’d probably be looking for most any one of the dock model numbers in the table below. Searching by part number should help ensure you get one that works with the correct models:


Source: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c02948215#N1010C

I can not advise strongly enough you don’t go near a computer from Advanced Skyline Technologies.

Their ‘1 year warranty’ is bullshit.

I had a laptop with them, they refused to RMA it when the battery died after a few months. Claimed the batter was not covered.

Eventually Woot took it back, but they’re not to be trusted.

I don’t have any experience with AST, but I think you might be hard pressed to find any refurbisher that actually warranties the battery in a laptop for a year. For example, I know Dell Refurbished doesn’t (it’s either specifically excluded as an “expendable item” or limited to 90 days).

I’ve never heard of any refurbisher that gives a full one year warranty of their batteries. Best you may get is a month and with that you’ll get a refund not a replacement.

Received my computer well packed and in good condition. Upon attempting to register Windows 7 Pro it kept telling me the key code was invalid. After a few more tries entering the same code Windows finally booted but there is an error on the desktop that states:

“This copy of windows is not genuine”

What’s up with this?


Oh man, I’m really sorry to hear that. If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

Thank you for the quick response!

Somewhere in the Computer/Properties window, click on the update or change the “Certification/Licence code” (sticker on the laptop) and then reboot, you will get rid of that message. Good luck.