HP EliteBook 8440W 14" Intel i5 Laptop

Purchased this laptop for my sister, who just wanted a non-school issued laptop to use around the house, and on vacations. She called a month ago, and several of the keys on the keyboard had stopped functioning, and the license was saying it was invalid.
Re-entering the Windows key from the bottom solved problem 2, but problem 1 required a call to the Warranty services (Advanced Skyline Technologies). Actually, it didn’t require a call, because noone actually answered the phone at AST. Ever. I called repeatedly, and once stayed on the phone for over 30 minutes, simply hitting “0” every time I had the option. This was a Tuesday. At 10:30 EST (they’re located in Ontario, due north of Buffalo NY). I’m not impressed with their lack of service.
Finally got a response from email over 24 hours after initially sending it in, either prompted by someone bumping their head on the desk as they nodded off again, or by my call to Woot Customer service, pleading for help.
Didn’t even try any troubleshooting steps, altho to be honest, I’m in IT, and had tried most of what they could have offered. However, I would have liked the chance to simply replace the keyboard instead of sending it off for what they promise will be a “four to five week” tour of their repair facility. I’ll update after the laptop is returned.

Keyboard works after return, however, within one week, she called again, thinking it might be overheating. It just shuts down at random. Event viewer showed 3 isolated ATA/Disk events, and multiple Processor Core limiting warnings. Looks like it may go back in the shop…