HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i5 Laptop

The proof reading police should write a ticket for this…

“If you don’t want this laptop, you probably won’t enough what’s in the sale.”

What would be really nice WOOT is if you published the ‘DATE OF MFG’ … although if you did you might not get any sales. This laptop was made for 7 years, I wonder which year of manufacture I’ll be getting?

I’m not staff, but personal experience is that business-class laptops are typically at least 3 years old when they’re turned in, though some go through longer cycles than others. The refurbished workstations at my work were 5 years old when they were purchased.

In any case, the CPU will be a very good indication of a computer’s age. The processor here is a 2nd generation, and Intel is in 7th now – so roughly 5 years, give or take.

Because this is a refurbished product it is possible that stock for this laptop will come from multiple years of production. Sadly, we have no way of knowing which year you would receive if you ordered this laptop :frowning: