HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i5 Laptop

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HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i5 Laptop
Price: $219.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 07 to Monday, Oct 12) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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CPU Performance

More on the Processor

Woot is selling this exact same model over on their “Business Class Laptops with SSD’s sale”. The only difference is those have a 128gig SSD and are about $30 more.


So you get to decide if you want a little more speed and a little less HD space.

I bought one in the past and put a
128g Crucial SSD in it for about $75 and is screams along and is great for my daughter’s school work and things like Minecraft and Starcraft.

I used to use these for work and quite like them.

This seems like a rough appraisal of the screen though:


This replacement screen panel vendor on ebay indicates that you cannot simply swap it out for a higher res panel:

I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that 1366 is the real number of the beast and the sooner it retires to oblivion the better for all of us. If this had the HD+ panel, I’d probably be in. Maybe next time.

Obviously the Video Card is probably pretty not suited for gaming except for really old titles, but I assume it’s plenty good enough for Netflix and browser content?

Honestly, I’m not sure what some of you expect from computers in the $200 price range.

It is what it is …

That’s fair – the screen review I linked to was written when this was selling for much more money, so it is harsh to hold it to those standards at ~$220. I just have a red line on minimum acceptable screen resolution and would be happy pay more to get this exact machine with HD+ – which is why I was looking to see if screen upgrade was simple.

The build materials on these are really nice and if you compare them to the made-for-Black-Friday cheapo machines you’re likely to see offered next month, I’d much rather have one of these.

I don’t see anything in the specs about an HDMI output. Does anyone know if it has one?

According to HP PDF, it does not:

It doesn’t have a Display Port.

I see a display port on the right side.

I use one at the office. Plenty of power for many 2d tasks, and enough grunt for netflix streaming. As for video outputs, I have mine attached to a dock w/ DVI and displayport connected to 2 1080p displays. There’s also a vga and displayport output on both the dock and behind the laptop itself.

well it arrived today, I see what looks like a finger print reader in the picture (my bad picture has it specs says no, but then why the SW) ? This one did not come with it, but the software and driver are on the add/remove programs list? Also the processor was an I5 vPro chip? Good and fast enough.

We don’t get samples for many of the computers so we have to use stock images.

Did yours give you up to date FedEx tracking or was it stuck on label created? I got an email saying my order of this Woot was shipped Tuesday, but FedEx still says they haven’t received it

I got day by day reports. First it said Wen. then later in the day it moved to Thur. No big deal as it had a 3 -5 day before shipping and it was shipped Monday :slight_smile: yeah shipped monday

Mine sat for 8 days after the label was created before it was tendered to FedEx. I’m still waiting for delivery. Woot has done this to me often. If you’re not going to tender it to the shipper, don’t email me that you shipped it!! ARGH! Woot just tells you to wait when you inquire. I’m almost through with woot. Terrible customer service.

Well, I got mine today, and while it may barely be worth what it cost, what it really is, is a poorly cleaned up used computer from metropc.com. Fresh install of Windows 7, but none of the HP Drivers installed. There is sticky stuff in various places on the computer and grossness under the hinge, dent by the power plug, 2 dents in the front. and a damaged power supply. No fingerprint reader either. Beware about anything that doesn’t say “manufacturer refurbished”, cause it will likely just be a used computer.

edit - metropc.com is sending me a new AC adapter.

Well the unit has developed power issues. I plug it in it says plugged in but not charging. One time I close the lid and it went ahead and charge the battery to 100%. It has not done that sense. In reading out on the web it appears this is a chronic problem with the HP charging circuit. Any of you other Wooters have this problem ? If so what did you do about it ?