HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i5 Laptop

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HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i5 Laptop
Price: $199.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. (Wednesday, Mar 23 to Monday, Mar 28) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Note Price Reduction!

This is a steal. Newegg and even Walmart dot com (and the big A) are listing these - check their prices, starting around $235 for the i3 version and way up with higher configurations. This is the i5 version!

It’s a great machine.

Surprisingly undocumented feature for those craving the sounds of the 90’s, look no further, RJ-11 port on the rear will satisfy your need for ol’ dial-up sounds.

Really though how can woot sell a modern-ish laptop w/ an RJ-11 port and not fit it in somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

My need for woot puns was not fulfilled :frowning:

An i5 with a FireWire port? I’m in for 2! Nice little machine for a couple hundred bucks

Is MS office loaded? If not will you load prior to sending?

More specs then you want to know!

Curious what graphics GPU is? Probably Intel HD3000 however this model did possibly come with discrete AMD 6470M 1GB

No, MS Office does not come with this, not even the Student version. If you need a decent free Office program, MS compatible, for any PC, get SoftMaker FreeOffice:

No Bluetooth? No webcam? Dual Core? Must be a an ancient laptop. Battery status-new or used?

This model had several options and the woot listing is the minimums you will get.

This model had Bluetooth as an option. If you order from this sale the one you get may have it or may not, it’s not guaranteed to be included, but it could be there. Not likely but possible. Webcam same.

Along with that the specs on this woot listing say DVD-ROM, but many came with DVD-RW drives and you could get one that has one. This is much more likely, but again not guaranteed.

Battery is used but tested OK. Should be good for 3 hours or more, new battery would be 4+. New original HP batteries are on ebay for around $30 incl. shipping. Even less for no-name batteries.

I need a computer for the sheer purpose of my kids being able to run DVDs of their math/science lessons; or downloading and printing worksheets for them from the teacher CD. Don’t need to spend a lot of $ or have a lot of fancy features because we have those with other devices. Is this going to be a good purchase for that purpose?

Yes! And it is tough. Aluminum outer case on top and sides (plastic on bottom), not pure plastic like the cheapies in stores. It will play videos from DVDs or CDs fine. But, note the 14 inch MATTE screen. Most new cheapies have 15.4 inch glossy finish screens. I don’t know if the kids will notice or care about that. I prefer MATTE screens myself.

This should be more than sufficient. In fact, if money is any consideration, you could easily slide another $50 down the refurb ladder and find an i3 or Core2Duo with 2GB and a smaller HD for $150 which would be perfect for them.

Will it allow me to play mmos like guild wars2 or final fantasy

I honestly don’t mind playing with minimum requirements

Would this be suitable for a dual-boot setup to allow me to play with different versions of Linux?

I do have this model but I don’t do games. I looked up FF, and this model’s graphics chip does not meet the minimum requirements that the game lists. I’m sure the games will run, but the graphics will be jerky at some times or a lot of the time. If you’re really into those games, I do not recommend this model, it just was not made for games with intensive live graphics like that.

(PS the graphics are well more than enough for youtube or playing videos or similar things)

Yup, it has got a hard drive and comes with intel.Intel chipsets are supported out of the box default. Try mint or opensuse…

I’m having issues with the Windows product key. Anyone else