HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i7 Laptops

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HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i7 Laptops
Price: $379.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Time to learn all about the processor

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how many times have we seen this “ancient” laptop offered for sale?? the 160GB SSD is a good choice but the screen low resolution is a deal breaker.

and lack of hdmi

[MOD: It has DisplayPort. There are DP to HDMI adapters.]


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Is that brushed aluminum construction, or just imitation? I got burned on a recent laptop purchase that was not real brushed aluminum.

1366x768 is anything but Elite. With regards, from your favorite pixel whore.

EliteBook 8460P Product Support

EliteBook 8460P Maintenance and Service Guide

It is worth noting there can be a tremendous difference between “Refurbished” and “Factory Refurbished” laptops.

I bought a Refurbished HP laptop from Woot about six months ago, thinking I was getting a bargain. Once I received it, all I could think was “you get what you pay for.”

While the unit was functional and is still in use today, its overall condition was much lower than expected – it certainly did not look like the photo on the listing.

A giant silver sticker had been used to cover the back of the screen (and is now beginning to peel off). It was severely scratched up on the front, sides, and bottom. The battery life was/is under thirty minutes. Plus a few other issues.

The word USED would have been a far more accurate term than REFURBISHED for the HP laptop I bought from Woot.

Here’s the link:


Found this:

Here. Warning, automatically downloads an HP document.

I use an elitebook 8460p at work. Most of it has brushed aluminum, the bottom is plastic. Mine is an I5-2520m with a 1600x900 14" screen resolution. The I7 in this is only marginally better than my I5 (passmark 3840 vs 3563). It’s weird that the I5 I have is configured with a better screen than the I7. This is a nice looking laptop of average size. Not thin by any means but not too big either. I would definitely recommend buying the one with the SSD. At this price it would be a nice deal if the resolution were at least 1600x900, but better yet 1920x1080(unfortunately not available at this resolution). It’s OK at this price avg deal.

Yup, it’s real. And I don’t know whether it’s because of the silver color or some kind of additional treatment, but it doesn’t fingerprint as easily as a lot of black brushed aluminum does.

The 8460p is the laptop they currently have us use at work. The screen resolution is unfortunate, but this thing is pretty sturdy. I’ve dropped it from my messenger bag onto the pavement (accidentally), and it still works pretty well.

I don’t get this whole resolution thing. I received a couple of Dell business laptops that were about 7 years old (for free). These things had 15.4" 1920x1200 screens. The core 2 duos in them could still passmark around 2000. Spent $50 and put a 120GB SSD in each one and they work great. Why are we going backwards in resolution?

Oh it pisses me off to no extent, to see HD and some crappy resolution attached to that word. There was a time when we had great resolution, as you said, then we slid backwards, but thankfully seems to have arrested the slide and rolling forward. (Thank you Toshiba Satellite Radius, Lenovo Yogapad2, etc)

This is a nice little deal for $550.
Refurbished: Lenovo Laptop Y40 14” Full HD Gaming Notebook with Intel Core i7 4510U 2.00Ghz (3.10Ghz), 8GB Memory, 1TB HDD + 8GB SSD, Radeon R9 M275 2GB, Windows 8.1 64-Bit

Yeah, I bought a refurbished in December and discovered the same. I’m very happy with that purchase, but I was one of the lucky ones. Lightly used laptop. Others had stickers and such covering damage on the laptop. I think if the case of the laptop is so badly damaged that it needs a sticker to cover it that thing belongs in the trash.

So, there seems to be a little bit of a gamble with refurbished laptops. It might be an amazing deal. Or it might not be.