HP EliteBook 8460P 14" Intel i7 Laptops

It is real aluminum. (I have an 8560p) I read this one has some plastic on the bottom.

I bought the very similar 8560p a couple months ago through Woot. First thing to mention is that “Factory Refurbished” does not mean “Refurbished at the Manufacturer’s factory”

The screen was loose, but I tightened the screws and it has resolved the issue. If it returns a little loctite will be a more permanent fix.

Screen resolution is low. If you know what you’re doing you can swap to a better one in (within limits).

It is ~4yrs old. But as is, it walks all over my girlfriend’s brand spanking new HP bought for $~10 more. For $~200 you can max out the CPU and memory and have something on par if not better than most $550 laptops. (I’ve already put 16GB ram in mine)

From other comments I may have lucked out by only having a loose screen issue though. Battery life is decent and it is otherwise in great shapes with few if any signs of wear beyond a couple faded keys.