HP EliteBook 8470P 14" Intel i7 Laptop

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HP EliteBook 8470P 14" Intel i7 Laptop
Price: $299.99
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Does it have a HDMI port?

It appears not. There is not one listed in the I/O section of the description.

The first picture looks to have a Display Port which may work for you. I didn’t see an HDMI.

I will look around for other pics on the interwebs to see if it shows an HDMI or if the specs show one is present.

HP seemed to almost have a fetish with NOT including an HDMI port on their probooks. We’ve had them off and on since 2013 at work.

Correct - these do not have an actual HDMI port. They do however have a DisplayPort which will output an HDMI signal with a cheapo ($5) passive adapter. I’ve deployed many of these at work. HP does tend to go with DP over HDMI for their business products.

They are a solid laptop, but it’s a shame that these have the standard HD screen and not the higher resolution version.

here is a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter that may work for you.

DP to HDMI, ChampSun Gold Plated DisplayPort to HDMI HDTV Adapter Converter Male to … https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01EIYZP3U/

Can someone suggest a compatible Docking Station?

Got a similar model a year and a half ago for the seam price. However…

Mine had an I5, but it was a generation newer than the i7 on this model.

Mine had 8gb of ram, this one has 4.

My SSD was 240gb, this one is only 180 gb.

The specs say this one doesn’t have a webcam or microphone. The description on my model said the same thing, but when it arrived it had both. No guarantee, but one can hope there is an error on this model too.

The other BIG difference is that mine came with Win 7 Pro, this one comes with… Win 10 Home. Yech. But I guess that’s personal preference.

I love mine. Only problem is that I haven’t been able to get the USB 3.0 ports to operate at speeds above USB 2.0. Annoying, but not critical.

I think my model was a fantastic deal. This one… eh. It has an older processor, less RAM, smaller SDD and Win 10. If you can live with a SDD that small and are willing to spend $30-$40 to upgrade your memory, I guess it’s an okay deal.

Oh, and its a peach to open up and replace parts. Bottom panel comes off with the flick of switch. No screws. And it’s chunky and built to last. Not a commuter model.

Hope this helps.

i7 is newer then i5.

are you sure you’re not confusing the architecture (i3, i5, i7) with it’s version? Intel has kept the ix name for years now.

No. Not even close. i3, i5 and i7 do not denote the generation. They are performance tiers. i5 performs better than i3, i7 performs better than i5. The generation is denoted by the numbers that come AFTER the i3, i5, i7.

For example:

My i5-3320M is a 3rd generation “i” processor.

The i7-2620M is a 2nd generation “i” processor.

I’ll accept your apology anytime you feel inclined.


CPU benchmark of 3825…

My 6 year old Dell has 6 GB and an i5 with a benchmark of 3150. Not the quantum leap I was looking for.

Here you go:
The 2012 HP Docking Stations (A7E32AA, 90w) have USB 3.0 ports, while the
2011 HP Docking Stations (VB041AA, 90w) have USB 2.0 ports.
There are other higher wattage docking stations, not sure if you need it. 90w is what came with my 8470P from Woot.

Since this is sold out can anyone recommend a good laptop around this price?

Graphics card is junk. Saw the hot i7, and didn’t read any further, so my fault. Totally worthless for what I was planning to use it for.