HP EliteBook 8470P 14" 128GB SSD Laptop

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HP EliteBook 8470P 14" 128GB SSD Laptop
Price: $279.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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I’m tempted, but my sister just recently bought a couple of these EliteBooks from Woot with standard HDDs and I think slightly less RAM from Woot! on my recommendation and they were in horrible condition. They both looked like they had been dropped down a couple flights of stairs. Nobody in my family has ever had any problems previously with refurbs from Woot!, but that recent purchase makes me a bit gun-shy. Can anybody comment on the condition of these things?

In for one!

I’m not sure about woot but I bought one for my son from Tanga (289.75$ with 6gb memory same ssd ships free) and I just bought the bigger one for my sister with 256 gb ssd and 15" monitor, and i7 processor for $100 more and they were nice. Worth 100 more in my opinion.

I bought 2 of the 8460’s last year and 2 of these 8470’s on the last offering from Woot. Very happy so far and well worth it. All came in good condition albeit not in a factory style wrap. I bought the desktop charging stations refurbished on line and good not be happier with this whole set up at a great price. Note, these laptops run noticeably cooler on charge stations with the bigger power transformer.

I was very interested until I saw the computer had No Bluetooth! Seriously…who makes just about anything without Bluetooth?

Does this have a webcamera or not?

The photos show an integrated webcamera, but the specs say it does not have one.

One or the other is wrong. Can we get an update?

I ran these in a corporate environment for 4 years. They are very capable machines, definitely a step above the 8460 which I also had a bunch of. The SSD in these makes a load of difference vs the mechanical drives in the 8460. They run great with 8gb of RAM as well. All of the units I had in service had integrated webcams and bluetooth but I cannot be certain they all came that way. The only negative thing I have to say about the 8460/8470 laptops is they are kind of heavy and the metal case dents/bends easily. Very good value on this laptop.

It’s a stock photo. Go by our specs.

Notice that it also comes with an RJ-11 connector for dial up.
This is what we call “vintage”

Just got mine. All good.

Mine does have a webcam, and it came with a 180 GB SSD (159 usable).

Needs massive driver and windows updates,

It is clean.

Also 1600x900 screen resolution.

And it does have Bluetooth.