HP EliteBook 8470P 14" 240GB SSD Laptop

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HP EliteBook 8470P 14" 240GB SSD Laptop
Price: $299.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Jan 18 to Thursday, Jan 21) + transit
Condition: Refurbished


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Check out this “good” review over at PCmag.com

CPU Benchmarks

the link you supplied isn’t the same machine. that is the same model but different specs. significantly different specs.

No bluetooth, microphone, or webcam? How old is this thing?

I think it has a modem (RJ11 jack)

I can offer some insight on this. Look at the first picture and zoom in below the headphone jack, that credit card size slot in the black plastic is for a CAC (Common Access Card) reader. These are former DOD laptops! that also explains the lack of bluetooth, webcam and mic. They also didn’t used to have wifi, someone added that and replaced the drives with SSD’s (DOD commonly removes HD’s before disposing of computer equipment).

You might literally buy my old computer.

I can recommend them, very durable and solid feel.

Battery life sucks, probably 3.5 hours in the real world.

Interesting, a DOD machine.
The CPU is good, 8 gigs of RAM, plus an SSD! This is a solid, fast machine & can I actually say?.. a “solid woot”.

I’d buy one if I needed one.

I bought this in Dec. Its a decent processor and the SSD drive makes it very responsive. It not sleek or light, but sturdy. The CPU is fast but uses 35watts, battery life is 3-4 hours. But the docking feature makes it very useful.

The SSD is really the main factor making this a good deal. If it had an HDD, I would say the age of the machine might be enough reason to pass it by and get something with a more modern processor for $50-$100 more.

This CPU (from 2012) is above average in terms of raw performance for budget notebooks, though most similar modern processors use a lot less energy. 8GB of RAM isn’t exactly unheard of at this price point, but you’ll certainly find most only offer 4GB. Screen is average. The build is probably a tad bulkier than we’ve been taught to expect, but I’d take bulky over flimsy.

All-in-all, this is the best deal I’ve seen on one of these old business/government laptops.

This is very similar to the other elite book deals we’ve seen in recent weeks. This IS NOT the same as the december woot (where I purchased mine) it is actually a tiny bit better. They have the 3rd gen i5 in them, which is marginally faster that the 2nd gen. There are only 2 RAM slots, so likely your 2x4 GB RAM sticks will get replaced by 2x8 GB RAM sticks.

Benchmark is smidge better

All in all a great deal. Mine screams with 16GB of RAM and battery life is indeed 3-4 hours depending on load. I wish I had held out for the 3rd gen i5, but really they benchmark nearly the same.

I always search around to compare and I can’t find anything at that price point close to that I5 with a SSD. Good buy.

Anyone have any experience with this vendor, Metro Business Systems? I found some reviews online and I’m a little hesitant based on what I read. Otherwise, I’d jump on this deal

I hate the break the mood here for those excited about getting some “ex-military grade” laptop. Just because it has a Smart Card terminal, doesn’t mean it’s a DOD computer.

The majority of the non-DOD federal workforce uses the same credentialing technology. They began this implementation in 2005. It is similar to the CAC technology, but is called Personal Identity Verification (PIV).

Lots of private companies, especially in the medical industry, use Smart Cards as well. Google it sometime. Anyone and everyone can order their HP laptops with a Smart Card terminal.

We’ve been working with them for years. The only difference is that they’re carrying their own warranty now rather than it going through us. It will work out better in the long run because they can help you directly with any issues.

Let me be clear, I am not saying these laptops are special in any way. Piv and cac are pretty much the same, all I’m saying is that I have used this brand and model as my work laptop, again don’t think DOD means better in anyway, they buy lots of junk.

All that said, I’ve used this brand and model and its a decent laptop, battery life is my issue with it.

Does anyone know if the battery is removable? Seems the big con is its battery life. Would it be possible to swap in a bigger battery? Or is it built in?


Easily removable.

I purchased an HP laptop from them ~ a year ago via the Mothership. Advertised as a refurb coming off a business lease. It has performed as expected based on that advertisement - only real issue is battery life, but they were clear the battery was NOT replaced, so the issue was expected and for the price I am not complaining. The battery is not dead, it just performs like you’d expect a 4-year old battery to perform, and I can replace it any time I wish.

I’ve had no actual issues with it so have not had to go through any support/warranty cases with Metro.