HP EliteBook 8560W 15.6" Intel i7 Notebook

Can we confirm that the resolution is actually 1600x900?

The last time I bought one of these from woot the resolution was 1920x1080 and the description said, just as this one does, that it is 1600x900

Awful interested in this…though all the reviews for this model number cover a wide array of options…and the previous comment stated the specs may be off, can we get a confirmation that the specs are correct?

Also, question on the WiFi, does it support the 5ghz band?

Factory Reconditioned laptops, like these, are generally a mix of model numbers; they’re brought up to the stated Specs, as a minimum. Short story is that you could get something better, but we don’t want to set you up for disappointment.

I understand. It should be stated in the description though that at a minimum you’ll receive a laptop that does 1600x900. When I go to buy something it doesn’t give me the warm and fuzzies that it might kinda be like the description. Even if the difference from the specification is considered “better”

It’s actually kind of interesting…lists HD 3000 graphics, but digging online there was no integrated graphics option on these, only AMD or Nvidia pro discrete graphics. So at a minimum you’ll probably get discrete graphics.

Other options available on these: Maybe SSD, maybe more memory, maybe camera, maybe 1080P, maybe BluRay drive…I guess it’s exciting lol, as long as you were OK with the “minimum” specs