HP EliteBook Folio 14" i5 180GB SSD Ultrabook

The description says “SATA solid state drive.” SATA and solid state are entirely different–it cannot be both!

What do you mean? SATA is the interface. SSD is the drive itself.

Bought this item in good faith, when it arrived and turned it on, found out the g,h,l,o, space and delete keys didn’t work. Called Woot and they first wanted to offer me a credit so I could take the product to a repair shop and have it fixed. Way to funny, sell broken PC’s to customers to then have them take them somewhere to get fixed.

ok i know these are “referb” and I have purchased many refurbished in the past but boy this one was rough, maybe you need to grade these things.
Only has 3 rubber feet intact, the 4th one seems to have been sloppy glued on. Very worn around the edges. The keyboard and screen seem to be near perfect though which is what is most noticeable.

I’m really sorry that you weren’t happy with the condition of the laptop you ordered. Feel free to contact customer service if you’d like to discuss a return.

Got mine, runs great. But, the battery life is awful. Also, looks like they put some kind of cover on the top to hide marks. No big deal. The bottom is in rough shape. I have received much nicer refurbished in the past. Should be graded just like stated above.