HP EliteBook Folio 14" Intel i5 Ultrabook

I bought one and they shipped me a 320GB NON SSD HArd Drive. Customer Service offered a refund, but not the proper replacement. Beware

I’m sorry. Pls respond back that you would like a replacement if possible. I’ll follow up with CS as well.

Ordered June 19, delivered yesterday June 21 - quick shipping! I started it up this afternoon, and am currently updating Windows 10.
So I have not used it yet to say one way or another what I may like or not like about it.
Disappointments - comes with a 320GB regular HD, not a 128GB SSD as advertised.
2nd disappointment, my fault for not researching this before I ordered - this model can not be upgraded to an 802.11ac wireless adapter. At least according to all the google results I have seen.

update June 24, 2017
Woot did me a very nice gesture I received an email yesterday even though I wasn’t asking to return or anything. Thanks Woot!
I am happy with the HP EliteBook 9470m, and will be carrying it with me everywhere.

That wasn’t supposed to happen. :frowning:

If you haven’t done so yet, contact Customer Support.