HP EliteBook Folio 14" Intel i7 Ultrabook

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HP EliteBook Folio 14" Intel i7 Ultrabook
Price: $499.99
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Condition: Refurbished


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Check out this review over at Cnet


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This is a really good deal, but it is still a 3 year old lappy. I need something to travel with…decisions decisions.

Looks like no HDMI

I would be all over this if it had a higher screen res. And HDMI. Anyone know of a 13-14" laptop in a similar price range that fits the bill?

In the specs it says no Bluetooth. “In The Box” says Bluetooth. Which is it?

lol exactly my thoughts. I was like- wow, this is a pretty good machine for that cost- then got to the resolution and… oh.

It says Bluetooth in the title, but in specs says NO? Confused. Please advise

The thinkpads on main woot page seems to have better alternative to this laptop. No way to upgrade the screen too as the higher resolution 1600*900 uses a different motherboard and different LVDS cable.

The major setback on this laptop is really poor screen resolution and quality of the panel.

Does nobody ever shop for laptops with 1080p? They aren’t cheap, even refurbs. Check the various manufacturer Outlet sites for more deals like this. (Dell Outlet, etc)
You gotta pay to play :wink:

also, DisplayPort to HDMI adapters are $10 on any website. We use them all the time on our Dell fleet for users. No issues. The ports are smaller and less likely to get broken too. There’s a DP-to-nearly everything adapter out there.

This is $530
Toshiba Satellite Radius Refurbished BP55W-B5224 This has an IPS touch panel 1920x1080, it’s also a convertible, so it can be ajusted in different positions including use as a tablet. To upgrade a 240gb SSD drive is $85, but then you are left with the 1TB HD to put into a external case- this way you still have a back-up of your original OS, and can use the rest of the drive for storage. The fact that anyone makes a display over 10" that is not at least 1920x1080 is ridiculous.

I really wasn’t looking to buy a new laptop, but damn that seems like a good deal!!!

They are really nice. I upgraded a nephews to an SSD. If you do this, there are screws on the bottom panel that are hidden beneath the back 2 feet (at least on the similar model he had). Peel off the back 2 feet carefully (or they will rip). When you remove the back panel, slide it gently to the side to expose the HD. There was a wire connecting the back panel to the motherboard- not need to remove it, if you’re careful and just slide the panel out of the way.

I have the i5 version of this for work. I love it. Great touch pad, good backlit keyboard, overall it seems durable and runs like a champ. great battery life. If I didn’t just buy a bunch of camping gear, I would be all over this for myself.

What’s the main gripe with 1600x900 vs 1920x1080? Is it the crispness and quality of display? Or the added real estate? Like TV’s, I can’t imagine I would notice the difference.

Been looking for a bit for a new laptop for the wife. I have this same one for work (provided by the company) except it is an i5, 4GB RAM, and 128GB SSD and it is super fast and lite. This one has a faster processor, more RAM, and bigger hard drive (tho I’ll have to upgrade her to a bigger SSD as she has so many pics and videos of the kids!) She doesn’t do gaming or anything so I this should be perfect, and heck, if she doesnt like it, i may keep it for me!!!