HP EliteDesk 705 AMD 500GB Mini Desktops

From what I’ve been reading at the HP web site, it looks like these are M.2 card slots; and you have to purchase the card; you can purchase a bluetooth/wifi combo (A and E keyed). There’s no mention of an antenna; wouldn’t that be on the wireless router, not the M.2 card?

And for that matter, couldn’t you just purchase a USB wireless card?

This is priceless.

I either called the number someone else mentioned above (866)625-1175) or another number I had from work for HPE support. I work as an IT director for an organization which has a dozens of HP business desktops + servers, SAN & switches. The support on business class PCs is nothing like what you get on home equipment. Of course you pay more for “business-class” equipment. (except for the odd Woot deal) :slight_smile:

I do not believe the BIOS is locked to any particular card. To be clear this PC already had an M2 wireless card installed. Is it your intention to upgrade to a “better” card?

The antenna for the existing card is already pre-installed and you should be able to re-use though I don’t know how well it would work if you’re using for a different frequency/protocol.

Well this is disappointing. When the thing arrived, I couldn’t get the case off of it to install/upgrade the RAM. I have an email in to Woot for a replacement. Let’s see what they do. Otherwise, maybe I can take it up with HP, but I somehow doubt it.

We sometimes don’t have replacements for computers. Have you looked online for instructions to upgrade memory? HP should be able to help you as well.