HP EliteDesk 800-G1 Intel i5 Mini Desktop

HP EliteDesk 800-G1 Intel i5 Mini Desktop

Hey Woot @ThunderThighs,

The Amazon reviews show that Woot shipped a small form factor desktop PC rather than the mini-sized PC shown in the pictures. What happened? Will this happen again for this clearance deal?

Hi there. We’ve never sold this on Amazon so that was an issue with another seller.

They specifically called out Woot on the reviews. Check it out.

Hmmmm. Appears I was misinformed. Let me ask again.

Ok, went out and took a look at it with my coworker from the computer. It is indeed an SFF. Gah!

We’ve taken down the sale. He’s going to rewrite the features & specs to correct this.

Here’s you a $6 coupon as a thank you for sticking to it. :smiley:

Expires 12/18/2019

Enjoy all that money. snort

PS: This works on your account only.

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Thank you. :slight_smile:

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