HP EliteDesk 800-G1 Intel i7 SFF Desktops

Does it also run on 110-120?

Stats state 240v.

this desktop is NOT capable of:

-reading floppy disks, minidiscs, 8-track tapes, vinyl lps, laserdiscs or vhs tapes

…technically, with the right adapters and hardware, it could do those things.

It is 110-120 volt. The 240 is the watts the power supply is capable of supplying

What about Betamax tapes?

To the casual PC user this seems like a fairly beefy setup. Only weakness that jumps out at me is the video card. Will someone who knows stuff comment on that, please? Adequate for typical internet browsing and video streaming (Netflix HD, but not 4k), I’m guessing, right? Would it hold you back in gaming? Any reason you couldn’t upgrade if it came to that?

Any other weaknesses of note?

Thank you,
(Someone who knows some stuff but not lots of stuff)

You are not going to be doing modern gaming on this intel graphics. Maybe some lightweight or dated games will run fine. Biggest weakness is definitely the graphics. Also if you want to upgrade and add in a graphics card it will have to fit in the small form factor this case has, and you’ll be limited by the power supply’s output. This is going to be pretty fast (especially with SSD) for any casual PC user and the CPU is going to be “fast” for some time to come, spend some money in a year or so and upgrade to 16GB or 32GB of RAM and you will probably have a “fast” computer for years for a cheap price.

Great, thanks! That was my feeling as well, so I appreciate the confirmation.


No wireless connectivity?
Wow. I didn’t know they made dinosaurs like that any more.

At least it has an optical reader/writer, which many units dispense with, these days. Too bad it doesn’t read/write BluRay in addition to DVDs ad CDs.

  1. The photos show a blank cover where the DVD-RW drive should be, but the specs do list a DVD±RW drive. Are the pics wrong?
  2. Can woot staff post a photo of the back?


Just to add in, this is actually a great deal even for someone looking to game on it. The cpu would probably be good even for another few years. Current Intel offerings are only a marginal bit better.

The power supply really is not much here at 240 Watt max. But you may be able to sneak in a nvidia gtx 1050 low profile card( low profile is the key here because this is not a full size desktop and requires a smaller form factor) for a little over $100 that should be very decent for most games on lower settings. Plus they are low wattage and do not require extra power connectors

We don’t get samples so we have to use stock photos. Go by the specs.

Sorry, we don’t have a back photo. :frowning:

Does it come with any software/programs?

Thanks! I bought one!