HP EliteDesk 800-G2 i5 Mini Desktop

Excellent Passmark Scores for this Processor: 6150 overall, 1702 single threaded.

The low power Core i5 6500T actually out-muscles AMD’s A10 7890K APU desktop processor in overall computing (6150 vs 5736) and at less then half the wattage of the A10 (35 watts vs. 95 watts).

This is the manual.

Pricewise this seems a pretty good deal. Prices new varied between $729 and $829 from a quick look around.

Dang, looks good except for no VESA mount - deal breaker for me!


There is one for $29. I just spent 5 days deploying a few hundred of them.


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It’ll handle 4K over DP - and that can be converted to HDMI 2.0 for 4K@60 over HDMI. Playing video at 4K@60 will max the processor, but it can handle it. And it can drive all three ports at the same time.

The new 7th gen will handle 4K@60 more easily due to major improvements in the GPU, and put it out on HDMI 2.0 without needing DP conversion, but those are scarce in refurbs for now.

And this is HP refurb, not third-party, with a 2-year on-site warranty, not 90-day mail-in.

This version has 8GB RAM and Windows 10 Pro, both upgrades over the base model (4GB RAM and W10 non-Pro).

I was planning to wait for the 7th gens to come down, but now I’m thinking of getting this one to tide me over a few years.

Well, wound up getting two. Was only planning for a replacement media center, and realized this will also be an upgrade for my home office desktop (except for memory - I’ll need to upgrade that for the office.) And it’s a really good price, probably about $100 under the HP outlet going rate.

Hi I just had my ASUS AIO die at 3 years old which is very frustrating. I think I’m done with AIOs and this time want to buy a nice 24" or 28" HDTV or monitor and pair with a mini desktop like this.

I want this to be a media center and really like the specs and price but would prefer to upgrade the SATA to an SSD. I see it has expansion ports for the small M.2 SSD but I have a brand new 256GB Samsung SATA SSD that I got to try and save my AOI.

Does anyone know how easy it would be to swap out the 500 GB SATA from this guy and swap in the SATA SSD???

Your new SSD may have come with software to clone the old drive, and if not, the manufacturer may have some free for the downloading. Moving from physical to SSD can involve some sector realignment for best performance, and some generic software doesn’t do that. The manufacturer will tend to give you best support.

You’ll need a USB adapter to handle the cloning, ideally USB 3.0. (Haven’t seen any USB 3.1-SATA adapters yet.) I will need a similar adapter myself for my BD-RW drive I plan to move over.

Would be nice to know what kind of memory this has, 8GBx1 or 4GBx2. That way I can order my memory upgrade at the same time. Any mods know?

With factory reconditioned computers, certain items, like memory configuration, can vary from unit to unit.

Thanks for the reply. Dell specifies with their Outlet, but I didn’t know about HP - and they may save money for this bunch by just lumping them together.

No WiFi wireless, must hardwire connect to a modem. Deal breaker for me :frowning:

There are Wi-Fi adapters out there for $10-20, depending on what features you want.

I have primarily purchased HP computers, both new and refurbished, older and newer models, and they almost always have the smallest DIMM’s available. I have always found myself having to replace both (or all 4 when applicable) to max out the memory.

Can I purchase an M.2 SSD drive, connect it (sounds like I could open the bay and do this install inside it) and make this my primary drive (via BIOS?), meaning it’ll be my C: where Windows is installed? I’d obviously have to reinstall it.

I actually just went ahead and purchased one of these, but want to confirm a drive like this one (https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00TGIVZTW/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER) will work for what I want.

I see the desktop also has an M.2 NIC connector. Is it a separate one, meaning both the SSD and NIC can be installed inside the bay at the same time? I searched Amazon for M.2 NIC and nothing that came up looks like it would fit in there. Help please!

Thanks in advance!

That actually sounds like a great idea and an incredible performance boost. You can leave the HD installed for extra storage, perhaps as a D: drive. You should be able to clone from the HD to the SSD, but I don’t know if there are differences in how an M2 drive is handled. I didn’t know M2 drives had come down that much in price.

The M2 for the SSD and the wifi are keyed differently, and the connectors are connected to different controllers on the board, so they aren’t interchangeable.

SSD is dropping in price quickly, thankfully. So I’m going to try that. Cloning sounds a little complicated and finicky, so I will just reinstall Windows from scratch on the SSD. That is provided the BIOS allows me to boot up from the M.2 port. Guess I won’t know until I try. I don’t know how else to find out without having to open the box, because if that doesn’t work, I’d be returning this baby and Woot will accept it for a full refund only if the box is unopened (I just read this). Suggestions?

Regarding the NIC, my concern was more around there being only one M.2 that could be used for SSD or NIC, but if it’s two, I should have no issues installing both. However, I still can’t find an M.2 NIC card that would work here. :frowning:

That “unopened” rule in our return policy doesn’t apply this month cause we’re doing “hassle free returns” which you can read about here.