HP EliteDesk 800-G2 i7 Mini Desktop

HP EliteDesk 800-G2 i7 Mini Desktop

Not too shabby for a mini Desktop. 16GB DDR4 RAM, i7 processor and hefty 1TB SSD.


If I hadn’t purchased two mini PCs in the last 12 months already I’d be all over this. Pretty good l’il PC here.

We have 100+ of these deployed at work. They’re mostly G3 but they have been really dependable.

Bought 10 last time, got 8 (one was misdelivered and one was broken) - Woot took care of me on both issues, and the workstations themselves are solid workhorses. I have them in my warehouse now, though sourced more from mothership since I can’t depend on these always being available.

I bought this same HP Elite Mini about 3 years ago. It’s the best PC I’ve owned. I paid a little less only because I bought it on eBay but it’s still a great price on Woot. I also bought the HP DVDRW Module on Amazon.