HP EliteDesk 800-G2 Mini 256GB

HP EliteDesk 800-G2 Mini 256GB

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Well, these systems are great. I own 2 of them.
One I bought about 6-ish months ago and I have connected to my TV in the livingroom. I attached a wireless keyboard / mouse combo and use it as a “smart” TV that way. I’ve never seen a TV with a good interface (especially ‘speed/responsiveness’). Using this pc makes it 100% better than any smart tv, AND it’s also a PC and it does literally anything any PC can do. It plays low end games just fine (nothing AAA… no Call of Duty) but for this price point, it does just fine.

My only complaint is the 2nd one i bought was 9 days ago (HP EliteDesk 800-G2 480GB Mini PC) was $50 more. YES it is different (480GB HD vs 256). However 256 is pretty darn good (as long as you’re not using this as your MAIN pc for photo and video editing and storage) and for $50 I could get an external 1TB drive.
(There was the 256gb model on sale at the same time, but it was the 6400T and I wanted the slightly snappier processor). The price difference for that one was NOT 50 at the time (maybe it was $10 if I recall).
Anyway, all that makes this is a GREAT deal IMO and if I hadn’t just bought this exact spec with a larger HD i’d have bought this and used the external.

I’ve had no issues with my orginal or the new one (which just arrived and i’m almost done setting it up with any apps and updating windows).

Hope this helps someone’s decision making.

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Is it WiFi-capable or will I need to purchase a dongle of some sort?

per the features, wireless is not included.

Network: 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
Wireless: None