HP EliteDesk 800 Intel Core i5 Mini Desktop

In case anyone is curious, bought one of these a little over a month ago and turned it to be a great machine. Fast, lots of capacity and great for use as a hyper-v server. I needed something that I could load up development environments on without bogging down my previous machine and this did the trick.

My only qualm was for expansion. I ended up adding a 4tb drive, but doing so maxed out power supply (no free connectors), so ended up placing an EVGA superNOVA bronze power supply in (coupled with slim sata to sata cable to power CD ROM). Everything works great, but can’t put cover back on due to non-90* power connectors.

Still happy though, machine screams.

Does it have HDMI? It says “display port” --what does that mean?

A Display Port is an interface primarily used to connect a video source to a display device.

Per the specs, this does not come with HDMI interface. Though you can buy adaptors!