HP EliteDisplay Monitors with DS100 Dual-Monitor Display

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HP EliteDisplay Monitors with DS100 Dual-Monitor Display
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Until I went to the Specs screen and saw (2), I was confused as to whether one or two monitors were included.

I see what you did there. While I was typing, the title was changed to the plural.

No HDMI? What kind of Space Oddity is this?

Haven’t watched that movie yet, but anyway…

Dvi-d IS hdmi… Without sound. I just use a cheap hdmi-dvid cable to run Xbox one on my monitor. Then an optical to analog converter to hook up my pc speakers to the xbox Oddly its a very similar dual 21.5" HP setup from a woot a few years ago.

HDMI is for TVs, not computers. The standard connector for computer monitors is DisplayPort. If you insist on HDMI, you can get an inexpensive HDMI to DVI-D adapter that will support the native resolution of this monitor, HD, 1920x1080.

Anyway this is not a gaming monitor. Look at the 8ms response time. This is a workflow monitor. And it’s easy to find a graphics card with either a DVI-D and DisplayPort ports, or one with dual DVI-D ports.

After using a dual monitor setup for about 3 years, I can’t say enough good things about having dual monitors.

Things I would keep in mind - these are HP’s budget consumer grade monitors, so while they are HD, LED, and IPS monitors, those are just technologies. There are lots of inexpensive LED IPS screens out there. Color sensitive work like video or photo editing should have a more professional monitor. For everything else, these are fine.

NVIDIA cards have excellent support for dual monitor setups, and the NVIDIA monitor control integrates seamlessly with Windows (all versions).

A monitor this big needs a much higher resolution unless your eyesight requires big letters. Pass.

Display port isn’t the “PC equivalent” per say. Display port is to HDMI as Android is to OS’s. “VESA, which created the DisplayPort standard, states the standard is royalty free to implement.” Display port was made as a open source connection to compete directly with HDMI, many video cards and monitors do in fact support HDMI.

In some cases DVI actually performs better than HDMI or display port. For instance, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236313, I had purchased this monitor two years ago. It supports DVI, HDMI, and DP - however to get its advertised refresh rate the monitor had to be broadcasting across the DVI port. In cases this limitation is built off of the port version and over all display hardware. This is all just to say, in my professional opinion, DVI still holds as the “standard” of the PC realm.

This guy is right. DVI is the standard. 90% of the general population has no idea what DisplayPort is. I confused the hell out of the employees at Best Buy when I went there looking for a DisplayPort cable one time. They really should have picked a different name. Complaining about the lack of HDMI for a monitor is funny since some video cards don’t have them either. Just buy a tv if you want HDMI.

Well, we can’t really judge what standards should be by the knowledge of the average Best Buy employee. I once asked why two models of a router were the same price; the employee looked baffled and said “just buy the higher number one”.

23" monitor? 1920x1080? Times two? This sounds like plenty of desktop. I have numerous computers that don’t support 4K yet; this is ideal for them.

Does it come with one or two monitors?

The description lists 2!!

I work on this setup (Dual HP EliteDisplay) and love them so far. Crisp graphics, colors and sharpness (for my uses at least).

I agree with everything you are saying up until you say these budget consumer grade. HP’s Consumer Displays are the Pavilion and Envy. Their Business Grade are the Value, Pro Display, Elite Display, and then the Z Display. These are 2nd to the top of the line for HP. We use these at work. They are vastly improved over my “budget” Consumer display. The HP Elite displays have much better viewing angles, not nearly as much glare (none really), and they are much sturdier. These are actually exactly what one would want to use for video/photo production if the Z-Displays are out of the budget.

For those curious, the base is 12-3/8" (314mm) deep as pulled from this spec sheet. http://www.ergotron.com/Portals/0/literature/dimensionIllustrations/DIM-030-v2.pdf

I was considering buying it but that’s a monster footprint for my desk size.

“Look at the 8ms response time.”

Seriously? I have a couple of Asus PA248Q IPS monitors that have a 6ms response time and they’re fantastic for gaming and watching movies.

They also run at what Windows 10 says is 59Hz (rather than 60… or 144).

You honestly don’t NEED like 5ms response for gaming. 8ms is just fine.

What are you smoking? I run IT for over 20 small businesses, and I can think of ONE computer that is using displayport. HDMI is everywhere now. Most modern laptops have it, and displayports are fewer and farther between.

That said, the DVI connection on these is sufficient because they do not have speakers, so the sound component of HDMI would be wasted anyway.

My work laptop and desktop(no HDMI) have DisplayPort. My personal MBA(no HDMI), laptop(no HDMI) and desktop have DisplayPort. DisplayPort is common and standard on workstations. I’ve actually never seen an HDMI port on a workstation graphics card. It’s a consumer standard for watching media but pretty much dead for high end monitors and graphics cards.