HP ENVY 14" or 15.6" Core i5 Ultrabook

the prices don’t match the screen sizes.

Most of the keypads that I see for the envy series are silver, unlike the ones woot has shown.

Here are some reviews from Endgadget on the 15"

Oddly enough, the prices are correct in our listing.
The 14" model is higher priced than the 15.6" model.

Thanks for the post! :slight_smile:

is this the same 14’ model for $20 less on amazon?


Getting really sick of these low res screens. The laptop world is so frickin behind.

Well, i5-3337u (woot version) vs i5-3317u (amazon model) comes out fairly close to even. The 3337u is slightly newer and the tiniest bit faster, but they are close enough to each other to make no substantive difference.

The one on Amazon has integrated graphics.

I’ve loved these since HP started the Envy line. However, the first thing I would do with it when I received it is install Linux and get rid of the Windows 8 abomination.

Hey all, removed a couple reviews that linked to HP Envy but not the HP Envy Ultrabook.

The model numbers are:
14.0" (4t-1200)
15.6" (6t-1200)


I think I’d rather shell out $50 more for the following :

HP ENVY 15t-j000 Intel i7-4700MQ Quad HASWELL 15 1080p Laptop (8GB/1TB) $679.99

Currently featured on http://www.techbargains.com/ in the laptop section. It has a 2.4GHz i7, double the memory, double the HDD, and a full 1080p.

This is a better deal, but the resolution is not 1080P unless you upgrade. At the price listed the resolution is 15.6-inch diagonal HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1366x768), but when I configured it to 1920x1080, the price only went up to $700. This is definitely worth the extra $$- good find- better CPU, graphics, HD and resolution and it’s new.


Is the bottom… pink?

Thanks for removing the reviews that didn’t fit.

However, I was also pointing out that the screen resolution is low (1366x768) and that despite being a dual-core i5, the processor is pretty abysmal (only 1.8 GHz) for $600+.

My bad. Thanks for reposting.

notebookcheck.net says that the 4t-1200 is “very good”

Check out the good and the bad on the 6t-1200 over at CNET UK

Check out this very thorough review (2parts!) of the 6t-1200 here[youtube=TcGfE2qj7D4][/youtube] and here [youtube=chGSW-kueWM][/youtube]

No problem, and no offense meant. I am appreciative of the fact that I know my post was removed to clean up the thread, and that my misgivings on the particular product are a totally separate issue. Thanks for the discussion environment around here. :slight_smile:

Nobody has mentioned the battery so far…4 cell battery, even in a Ultrabook would make me concerned about off plug use time.