HP ENVY 15.6" Core i5 Ultrabook

Why name a computer after one of the 7 deadly sins?

@jvspencer, astute observation. Could it be that if you own one of these, you’ll ‘envy’ your neighbor’s laptop?

Actually, this is a nice mainstream+ laptop with a slim, nicer case than the typical plasticy norm.

But the price for these specs seems about a hundred high if you don’t care about the nicer build quality.

That’s likely why it is a sellout woot - woot doesn’t have very many of them and can afford to price it stiffer.

For nearly the same price I’d much rather have the 13.3 inch Acer sellout woot earlier today.

Latest Costco (“we overload the configurable specs on our models to justify a richer price and make competitive shopping trickier”) flyer says they’ll be selling the following this coming week starting the 5th:

15 inch HP Envy
Intel i7 4th gen
1 TB hard drive
Backlit keyboard with number keypad

$ 699. That’s at least $150-250 of improved parts vs this woot for only $70 more.

Do you mind posting a link to this add please? I am curious as to the other specs.

Is anyone else having problems purchasing this item? I’ve tried 3 different cards to no avail.

@alexreese13, 'sorry those were all the specs I saw so far, 'not sure it’s online yet - it is in the September coupon book (not a coupon item itself tho) as an online item staring the 5th.

Just looked at this Woot’s specs again - in fairness, the Costco model summary specs so far do not mention dual integrated/discrete graphics - it may or may not have them.

Sorry you had trouble. I’d recommend checking the address associated with your payments in your account. If you still have trouble, giving your bank a call might be a good option. Hope that helps!

Why is this an “Ultrabook” if it doesn’t have a SSD? What is the definition of ultrabook? Does it mean “swanky laptop?” This has 4GB RAM and a decent processor, but isn’t super slim nor does it have off the charts performance. Do we need a new superlative, like “super-duper porto-puter?”