HP ENVY 15.6" Intel i7 2.6GHz Laptops

Does this come with any type of warranty?

Hi there. We list the warranty at the bottom of the features. This has a 90-day HP warranty.

HP ENVY 15T-K200

Glossy or matte screen?
Battery condition/life?
How come you don’t show all sides of your computers? (see what comes off to upgrade the memory/drives)
Does this have a legacy bios option (for those that buy to replace Windows, with something of OUR choice)?

Is the memory upgradable? I see that the 16GB option is sold out so I wanted to know if I could upgrade the 8GB version myself later if I wanted to?

I’d go with glossy.
Battery tested to make sure there’s good life but not necessarily new.
We don’t always get samples and have to use vendor art like you see here. HP is pretty good about publishing service manuals.
In a lot of reconditioned computers, the bios and other items can vary from unit to unit. I can’t answer this question.


Google & HP say probably but it requires taking the thing apart and that could void your warranty.

Exactly why I asked about the bottom. Searching via this model number, shows me that some seem to have an access panel for memory upgrading, while others are the must disassemble voiding type. I’ve asked for bottom pictures before (seems to be ignored).

We did not get a sample of the computer so we do not have a way to get an image of the bottom of the computer… especially on a Sunday.

I’m sorry. :frowning: