HP ENVY 15.6" AMD A10 Touchsmart Laptop

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HP ENVY 15.6" AMD A10 Touchsmart Laptop
Price: $479.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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HP ENVY 15-j173cl Product Support

HP ENVY 15-j173cl Maintenance and Servicing Guide

HP Home & Home Office offers its 4.7-lb. HP ENVY 15z-j000 AMD A10 2.5GHz 15.6" LED-Backlit Laptop, model no. E1U67AV, for $554.99. Coupon code “PC599Q2” cuts it to $529.99. With free shipping, that’s $70 off and the lowest total price we’ve seen for this model with an AMD A10 CPU. Features include an AMD A10-5750M 2.5GHz quad-core processor, 15.6" 1366x768 LED-backlit LCD, 6GB RAM, 750GB hard drive, 802.11n wireless, webcam, 6-cell battery, and Windows 8.1 64-bit.

Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet and check out this review over at pcworld.com

Here is a pretty good video and demo of the laptop I came across when researching for a laptop to purchase.

FYI those reviews are for the HP ENVY 15-3040NR, not the HP ENVY 15-j173cl. The 3040NR was one of the first ENVY models and was considered a premium laptop, the 15-j173cl is not in the same category build wise.

CPU Benchmark

Hola folks, just wanted to drop some quick knowledge (background as a computer science student and lifetime computer nerd), the value in this laptop lies in the tier of the components, finding a laptop with a touchscreen, 12GB of RAM, and 2+ GHz processor is near impossible at $400 above this price range. If you’re in a situation (like being a broke college student, cough cough) where you need a laptop that will have the power to stay current for a few years, this is one to take a close look at. The only bottleneck to performance would be the 5400rpm hard drive, if you were gaming or something more data intensive you would want to look at upgrading that to a 7200 RPM drive.

Thank you. I am not a big fan of buying products with a 90 day warranty.

I wouldn’t touch an HP computer with a ten foot pole. JUNK!!!

Anyone know if this would handle WoW on high with decent fps?

It should be able to run it quite well. I can’t speak to the exact settings it will take, but b/c of large amount of RAM and RAM that the graphics can access, it should look pretty good and run smoothly (with a decent Internet connection of course)

Eh… That may or may not be a noticeable upgrade (but probably not). I’d say save your money and get an SSD if you’re going to update the storage after buying this machine. An SSD would provide a notable boost in startup times, responsiveness, and even a little bit of an improvement in battery life.

To the guy asking about WoW: this should play that fairly well, just not at native screen res.

Looking at this to send my college freshmen off to school and the specs look great, but what should I be worried about? Should I worry its a refurb? Not durable? Doesn’t have Win 8.1? Thos small hinged screens make me nervous vs the full hinged screens? Anyone have to use the additional warranty service offered here? Are they responsive and quick? Also, does it have Blutooth? Thanks!

I too am about to send a college freshmen off and was considering this one and have the same questions! Waiting on some answers before clicking the purchase button. :confused:

I wouldn’t count on it. I used to have one similar (with an i3 rather than the AMD chip, but it looks like they have similar performance) and it played well most places on medium. 10 man raids worked well on low, 25 man raids got messy. This was a few years ago, so if they’ve made it so it can run smother since then you might be able to do it.

Here is the exact model on Newegg, refurbished.

Complaints of touchscreen failing, sound failing and screen cracking at hinges.


Also to note, price on Newegg is $509.99. Since Newegg has no tax (saves me $33) plus 1% cash back through Fatwallet, Newegg is a better deal for me.

Upfront I don’t have one of these if that disqualifies me atleast you know.

I wouldn’t be worried about sending this to a college kid - specs are solid (wouldn’t buy it for a gamining rig), refurbs don’t scare me when it comes to computers… I’m writing this from a refurb HP chromoebook that I just recently purchased from woot!. I actually purchased a new one of the same from bestbuy but cost $100 more and came with 1/2 the memory and didn’t include the free 4G deal that the woot deal came with… I’ve owned several refurbs and several new laptops across many brands and don’t find that there is a big difference… things break but sometimes they don’t, whatever. Save some cash and get a refurb is my motto, if you treat it right you will likely out grow technology before you have to turn in the unit on warranty.

Small hinges might be a legit concern. I’ve owned 2 dells, 1 sony and 1 asus with small hinges. Hinges were the first to go on the Sony and 1 of the dells… the asus and other dell have had no issues with the hinges. I will say though that the hinges became a problem when I abused the laptops (handled roughly or dropped multiple times).

It says it has 8.1 so I imagine that it correct and no clue on BT (but never really bought into that being a deal breaker). Most of mine don’t have it but a couple do and I never use it - literally ever.

Warranty is a pain anywhere IMHO - I seldom do it. The one time I bought a HP laptop (non envy) from woot and it crapped out in a day they took the return without issue… but no more laptop.

Overall if this is a good deal for you I say go for it. People will tear up their stuff, the younger the quicker - so make sure you save some cash and aren’t ticked when they write and say “…btw I broke the laptop at the part… I mean while closing the lid gently.”

Hope that helps some and good luck.

[QUOTE=archerman2000, post:19, topic:424212]
People will tear up their stuff, the younger the quicker - so make sure you save some cash and aren’t ticked when they write and say “…btw I broke the laptop at the part… I mean while closing the lid gently.”

Well, parting with more of my cash is what I’m trying to avoid of course and we are talking college freshmen here, not always known for taking care of things. If the screen framing is rigid, that would make me feel better, but we’ve had careless handling by the screen etc that torqued those small hinges and given the amount of mobility this thing is going to be put through, any experience people have had with this model would be great. I’ve read the NewEgg review slamming the screen quality but as you said, sounds more like poor handling situation than design.