HP ENVY 15.6" AMD A10 Touchsmart Laptop

HP ENVY m6-n010dx

HP ENVY m6-n010dx Maintenance and Service Guide

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Used to be, you could look at the CPU designation and quickly tell if it was better or worse than another you were considering buying, well, unless you have figured out the seemingly random code, it’s no longer that way…

As soon as I saw this had an a10, I thought, “That must be better than the a8 I was considering, and the price isn’t much more, as well as having a touchscreen…” well, nope

Could you post the link to the other laptop you were looking at? I thought this seemed like a good computer based off the specs and benchmark, but compared to the A8 cpu you listed there is no comparison.

The CPU that he is comparing it to is a Desktop CPU.

When looking at laptop CPU/APUs there is more than just speed that is getting improved in newer generations. Mostly what there trying to improve is price and power usage. While either maintaining or improving performance. This CPU uses a lot less power it’s also lower down in the A10 line than the A8 you linked. An A10 that was 7xxx something should be faster.
So laptops with this will probably cost less, be lighter and or have better battery life depending on how HP tried to take advantage of the lower power needs.
Lower APU power needs usually means a cheaper lighter laptop. Since you need less hardware to handle the power and cooling. You can also get away with a smaller (lighter and cheaper) battery since it won’t reduce overall battery life compared to the last generation. That and most people don’t really look at the battery life when buying a laptop.
Also a side note Windows 10 is “suppose” to run a lot better on slower hardware then 7 and 8 do and will be a free upgrade. Not sure I buy the faster thing but that is what Microsoft is hinting at.

Yeah, sorry, I didn’t mean to mislead anyone while comparing this apple to that orange, and, truthfully, i am looking to get a desktop, so, i wouldn’t have gotten this one, anyway. Of course, i took too much time researching, and the desktop sold out before I decided to get it…

Just a little help for anyone that is having troubles with the touchpad on this computer and is ready to throw it into the street to be ran over. Upgrading to Windows 10 seems to have completely exorcised the gremlins that caused the touchpad to have a mind of its own. For the last 3 weeks I have had zero problems from the thing. Nice to have a usable laptop again!