HP ENVY 15.6" AMD A10 Touchsmart Laptop

Clearly, you don’t have the same needs as I. I do however, find it funny that you might assume it’s impossible that anyone might need something more. I won’t show off by describing every piece of hardware that I presently own, as you have. Suffice it to say that I have grown very comfy w/my home pc which has a Core i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz, which benchmarks over 10K. So I have a SSD and basically the thing is loaded, lightning fast / runs cool and silent w/32G ram, appropriate graphics card & blablabla. My pt. - these wootites prob could give a h(w)oot what we have 4 rigs, even if that means that the neighbors can view my 98 foot touchscreen monitor in their sleep. The only important thing is that mine is a f*#k of a lot faster than yours, so i say - winner winner, scampi dinner.

I have this laptop and the performance is very nice for a non gaming computer. (runs photoshop, office, video conversion very nicely. However the touchpad is almost unusable. Pointer jumps around screen and single double click and left click always confused. Must use external mouse or touchscreen.


I had the same exact issue. The performance was stellar. I really wanted to love it but the track-pad was horrendous. I tried new drivers sensitivity settings everything. Returned mine to WOOT.

Is there a warranty for this laptop? Who would I call if it need repair? Is there a phone # so I can call Woot? Thanks.

Looks like this laptop has a 90 Day HP warranty, with the option to purchase an extended warranty through the SquareTrade widget.

If you need to get in touch with Woot CS, you can click ‘support’ at the top of any woot page or email support@woot.com.


Unless it is my wife…

The resolution on the screen kills this deal for me. I’m too used to having at least 1920x1080. Perhaps a 1680x1050 resolution would suffice, but this only has 1366x768.

HP is still one of the best selling computer manufacturers in the world. (Battling Lenovo for #1 spot) so just using logic, if you sell the most you’ll have the most returns/issues/refurbs. I’m sure Woot(Amazon) has some sort of deal with HP and that’s why you see so many on here. Majority of refurbs are just returned PC’s with little to zero issues, but they could have had issues and you take the chance, hence the very discounted prices. These don’t seem to be retail machines based on their configurations so they were most like special orders from customers whom just didn’t like them and returned them.
Its a good PC over and HP still builds some of the best PC’s.

If windows makes it worthless, then does your only other option of Apple make it priceless? (Linux doesn’t count). If you don’t like windows then have fun with your overly price fruit that is no better than this machine at a fraction of the price.

That’s impressive. You basically proved my point by avoiding to mention the software you’re running. I bet those Facebook pages load real fast though.

That’s one way to make graphics performance better – have fewer pixels to push! I completely agree. That resolution is better suited for a 11 inch laptop. In fact, that is the resolution of the 11 inch MacBook Air.

Why not? It runs my media server, VPN, torrent server, etc., all while having a completely usable user interface.

purchased product as a gift form my daughter. Opened box before giving laptop as gift to make sure everything functioned properly. Everything “appeared” okay until I used her laptop. Apparently the Windows 8 software did not activate and now WOOT, HP and Windows are all giving me the run around with getting a product key. On further inspection of the laptop it does not even have an authentic windows product sticker with a product # on it. It only has a generic windows 8 sticker. BUYERS BEWARE…CHECK FOR AUTHENTIC WINDOWS STICKER BEFORE YOUR 21 DAYS HAVE PAST!!! THIS REFURBISHED COMPUTER DOES NOT HAVE AN AUTHENTIC WINDOWS 8 PRODUCT PRE-INSTALLED AS STATED IN THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION!!!