HP ENVY 15.6" Core i7 TouchSmart Laptop

another laptop - I am waiting for a surface pro

Check out this “excellent” review over at cnet

Time to check out the product specs


The screen in a glaring (pun intended) weakness in an otherwise very tempting laptop.

The only thing I ENVY is me tomorrow because I’ll only have to suffer through another crappy woot for 23 hours. PSA: change your clocks tomorrow if that’s your thing…

The i7-4700MQ CPU is a beast with a Passmark score of 7953. Add 16 gb of RAM and this is a true desktop replacement. My latptop has a similar CPU, i7-3630QM, and it zips through video editing. Whereas my friends’ i5 takes about 20 mins to convert a 45 min video, I often take 2-7 min, depending on the resolution and compression.

The biggest omission is a DVD drive, but that means a lighter and thinner profile. You can easily find an external drive for about $39on ebay. An external BluRay writer can be found for about $79.

PS - [RANT MODE ON]As an aside, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate Windows 8. I’ve given it about 6 months and the freakin’ interface – not just Metro – is incredibly disruptive. Things pop in and out from sides and corners constantly, as your cursor is trying to access various icons in your app. Windows 8 apps use the full screen, defeating the concept of “windows.” That’s why many people the old version of Skype, not the one available in the App store. Touch screens are incredibly inefficient, forcing you to take your hands off the the keyboard to do simple tasks. It takes more energy to move things since it’s a 1-to-1 correspondence on the screen, whereas a small movement on the touchpad can results in large movement on the screen. And the need to reposition your hand on the keyboard after touching the screen is incredibly disruptive to the workflow. Consequently, I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate Windows 8.[RANT MODE OFF]

The screen is really weak.

Yep, woulda otherwise pulled the trigger on this guy as my aging T400 is on its last legs. Though it’s 5 years old, but still has a higher res screen.

hard drive is weak

Why on earth did they make this with no DVD drive?!?! I guess they expect us to go to externals for our bootlegging needs :frowning:

For those that noticed the 2x2 802.11ac, here’s some explanation of it from netgear in pdf.

How long do you think this will last, can’t buy until this afternoon.

This is one of the best laptop deals I’ve seen to date. I’m on it.

I have bought two HP refurbished desktops (one from Woot) and had to send them both back. That would be bad enough except they worked fine out of the box only to fail a few days later (after you spent countless hours installing software). In both cases the hard drive failed requiring a reinstall of the operating system. Woot did the right thing and took the unit back after I called them but what a hassle figuring out what was wrong, calling the factory (per Woot’s instructions) and then calling Woot to get a RTA number. Plus Windows 8 is a disaster.
Caveat emptor

Here you go. You’re welcome.

Wait, You called them?? I’ve been waiting for over a month now to get a refund from a Television they shipped me with a broken screen. You wouldn’t remember that number by chance would you? I’d pull the trigger on this deal if only they had even the smallest shred of “customer service”. It makes me very nervous to spend more than a $100 on anything from Woot anymore. Not to mention for a few hundred more I can get a better display, better vid card, and 3yr accidental dmg warranty. **edit By buying directly from HP.com that is.

o woot what has happened to you?

I have this laptop with a HD display and hybrid drive. I love it. Funny thing, I keep it closed and run two monitors off it - one via HDMi and the other via a USB3 to HDMI adapter.

Win8 haters. Why not fix it with a couple programs from stardock for less than $10. Brings back the win 7 look and feel with the enhancements of win 8. Or do you just like to complain?

All that, but no 1080p?

Not that finding their number is any sort of challenge but using the woot website, to send a service email, is faster and gives you a case number email immediately back. In almost 10 years buying from woot, I have had to contact them around 50 times for various reasons and NEVER have they not responded by email and they have ALWAYS been prompt about refunds. I have called them too, but I didn’t have to and it was messy as the tracking didn’t exist.

Let me give all some quick tips when dealing with a service department.

  1. Don’t try to BS your way out of a buying regret. They have a heart and will understand if you tell it straight.
  2. Don’t buy something without proper research. In case you haven’t noticed, woots descriptions and commentary are closer to late-night comedy than manufacture claims.
  3. Packages are weighed again when they get to the shipper, so don’t lie about not receiving included items.
  4. Stuff gets lost in shipping, and there is a PROCESS to follow due to fraud and theft. Just like you, woot has to file a claim and get the results. Your package is tracked better than the NSA could so keep that in mind. UPS has delivered my stuff to the wrong address a number of times and the recipient sometimes doesn’t like to give it up. I myself have made UPS wait a week of begging to get back a box of good that didn’t belong to me because they damaged my front door. (I gave it back unopened but I made them really work for it - package could have been yours but I was mad at UPS and didn’t care at the time)
  5. You are NOT going to get refunded before a merchant gets their stuff back and inspects it. People hot-swapping old and broken for recently purchased goods is an epidemic in this country. Trust goes both ways.
  6. Credits are not like drive-up ATM machines. It takes time for your CC Company and Paypal to post funds back to your account. Although we all like instant confirmations, it doesn’t happen that way.
  7. RELAX! It will all work out.