HP ENVY 15.6" Core i7 TouchSmart Laptop

“1366 x 768” … pass.

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Check out this review over at pcworld.com

I’m curious about the decision to include 12GB of RAM. I’m guessing that is an 8 GB stick and a 4 GB stick. Why not 16? Upgrading would mean tossing a perfectly good stick, if there are only 2 slots, right?

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Looking at the pics it seems like there isn’t any buttons on the trackpad. Is it tap to click only?

Caution to US buyers. I ordered one of these and it came with a French/Canadian keyboard layout. This is quite different from the standard US keyboard layout. I am not aware if they will all ship like this but I am having to order a replacement keyboard from HP in order for this to be usable. As a software developer its too hard to change the muscle memory to accomodate the new keyboard layout.

They will come with a US keyboard layout. I’m sorry for the problem with yours. :frowning: