HP ENVY 15" FHD 256GB Convertible Laptop

HP ENVY 15" FHD 256GB Convertible Laptop

Notes for this system on Crucial.com note that upgrades “may need to be performed by an authorized service center.” Anyone have any experience regarding this? Tempted by this to upgrade my aging Dell system.

yawn…I’ve seen this same model brand new for $50 more…so not much savings considering a refurb with only a 90-day warranty…thanks but no thanks…

I have this same laptop, it’s easy to take the back off to add more ram or add/replace the M.2 SSD.

As recent as January, I wouldn’t have recommended a Ryzen U based laptop as the driver situation for the “internal” Vega was quite poor. Recently, however, seems that AMD is now “allowing” their own drivers (Adrenaline at time of posting) to install against Ryzen U (Vega 8 / 11), curing most the common complaints and issues (HW acceleration during video playback among the most annoying). That update along with installing the AMD chipset drivers (properly) raised my Cinebench 15 score from the sub 500 to the mid 600s

Plays Stellaris like a champ. XCOM2. . . not so much.