HP ENVY 17.3" FHD Intel i7 1TB 940MX Laptop

Looking at this, you do not state in the description or features that it is a Touchscreen, but in the spec’s you state it is. When I look up this model on HP, it does not state it is a touchscreen. Please clarify on this. Thank you.

Thanks for pointing this out! You are correct, this is not a Touch Screen model and we have updated the specs accordingly.

Another question. It says it has an i7 processor, but also says “Dual Core”. I thought only the i3 processors were dual core and the i5’s and i7’s had at least 4 cores? In the case of some of the newer high end i7’s they can even have 6 or 8 cores.

Nevermind, my bad. Going to Intel’s site I see there are several i7’s that only have 2 cores. Apologies.