HP ENVY 17.3" Full-HD i7 GTX 950M Laptops

Specs hint at it having 2 bays and one M.2 slot.

Grabbed the 4TB version, its cheaper and it will guarantee you get two bay install kits. I have an old setup with 3 disks and will move my one ssd and my M.2 over.


Also to verify: pictures have fingerprint reader but specs says it does not. Which is it? I don’t really care but others might.

We often don’t get samples of the computers and must use stock images. You should go by the specs.

Gotcha, thanks!

The m2 drive on this thing is buried. I was going to do this but it’s like they suspend the drive in a 0-gravity chamber and build the machine around it. I’d just buy a 15.00 external enclosure for one of the 2tb drives and stick a regular ssd in its place.

How does this one compare to the model being sold on Moofi?


They seem similar.

Moofi was an “Open-Box” offer.

Ref: HP ENVY 17T-N100 Laptop

Back when … HP used to give exact specification of what was in there units. I have an HP ENVY dv7-7223cl that you can go to HP’s site and every thing is spelled out. When I purchased an HP ENVY 17t-j100(from Woot!) I was surprised that I got a lot more then was in the specs. With a lot of research I found that HP listed no less then 4 major configurations with that same model number. Woot is pretty good at listing the “MINIMUM” specification for that model number. The units for a particular model number, that Woot receives, could be any of the several configurations that HP makes for that number. Case in point here with 2 drives or with an SSD.

The 17t-j100 I purchased didn’t show or spec out a touch screen, yet it showed up with one. No finger print scanner listed even though it was in the photo, and yes it showed up with a finger print scanner. 65 Watt AC adapter listed, 120 Watt AC adapter received. Note here, with high end graphics units installed, most likely a 90 or 120 Watt adapter will be included(your mileage may very).

Woot will send you a unit that meets the minimums in the specification list and in this case either 2 HDDs or 1 SSD. That’s not to say you wont get more then what is in the specifications list. As I said with HP they may make several configurations with the same model number and Woot may have any number of those configurations on the shelf. You will get the next box they pull of the shelf(no special requests).

For some more information on the drive configurations and locations inside the units see the following. Newmodeus specializes in 2nd drive caddies and cables.



Hope this helps.

It doesn’t appear too bad, simply removing the back panel, same amount of work as simply getting to the other drives or the RAM. Either way, worth it for me, I like having an M.2 with Linux on it that I can boot to without lugging around another, slower drive.

Biggest difference is between the 5th gen higher end dual-core processor versus a 6th gen high end quad-core.

Also, I received my laptop yesterday and it did indeed come with a fingerprint scanner.