HP ENVY 17.3" Full-HD i7 GTX 950M Laptops

I bought one!

Went to look at one at local BestBuy, it was the touchscreen version, good aluminum top and bottom. Definitely plastic keyboard/palm-rest bezel, looks good though. Sound was okay, but store was loud inside.

Please, someone else say something.

If the storage option was one ssd and one hdd I’d have already ordered one

Got mine today (5/11/2016), dual 2TB HDDs. Added a 512GB m.2 SSD to the system. Fresh install of Windows 10 and all drivers and software automatically installs.

Better than expected:
-Got the 6-cell 62Wh battery
-Fingerprint reader
-120W charger adapter

This laptop has been awesome.

UPDATE: 5/12/2016
I had to download the software for the fingerprint reader from HP’s support site. Microsoft does not supply this. Things that did automatically download and install without intervention, Bang & Olufsen software, all hardware drivers (no missing drivers in device manager).

HP wants $1,800 for same laptop and specs!

Saved more than half!

UPDATE: 5/17/2016
Still running strong, Officially has replaced desktop setup physically now. Had to try 7 different bags at WorstBuy that were rated for 17.3" until I found one that the laptop could fit in. I have pulled the second 2TB HDD and put in a 480GB SSD for my Virtual Machines. Runs Hyper-V great with over 6 virtuals including a Server 2012 R2 testbed.

Too bad no one else is saying anything. This is my last post since this is the deadest thread on w00t I have ever seen.