HP ENVY 17.3" Intel i7 Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY 17.3" Intel i7 Touch Laptop
Price: $679.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Unknown (Wednesday, Feb 11 to Monday, Feb 16) + transit
Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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ENVY M7-K010dx Product Support

ENVY M7-K010dx Maintenance and Service Guide

CPU Benchmarks


Does it have a backlit keyboard?

Windows 8 or 8.1?

Read the “Specs” tab on the product page that linked you to this comments page; but you would find that YES, KB is backlit

Why does this matter? 8.1 is a free download in the Microsoft store.

I don’t currently have a windows machine. Thanks for answering my question. No need to be unpleasant.

No backlit keyboard.

Per the features:

Windows® 8.1 makes the things you do every day easier

Remember: Be a helper wooter. :slight_smile:

Can someone with experience opine for me:
Is it as awkward to use a touch screen on a laptop as it seems? It just doesn’t seem natural to be reaching over your keyboard at the screen for things.

I got one of these a few months ago. I use BOTH the keypad and the touch screen. I didn’t think I’d like the touch screen, but I truly love it. It’s especially great to scroll through web pages.

Love this machine.

I think this is the same model I bought on here a month or 2 ago. Yes the keyboard is lit. I’ve used it every day since. It’s big, which I wanted, but FYI it won’t fit in smaller backpacks and carriers. Fast. Minimal crapware. I wanted a touchscreen laptop, but I don’t think I’ve used it at all, YMMV. The only cons I can think of is the screen hinges seems a little flimsy, and the battery seems to drain quite a bit when in hibernation mode, but I would easily buy again.

What does “factory reconditioned” mean for a laptop? Are these laptops coming off of 3-year leases? Most Woot items that are factory reconditioned are returns/etc., or sometimes overstocks, but not sure what it means for laptops, and I really don’t want to buy a 3 year old computer.

My bad. If you get a windows machine that just has windows 8, see this tutorial:


Our definition is:
A “factory reconditioned” item was returned, inspected, and restored to fully working condition by the original manufacturer or a certified partner. And the original manufacturer stands behind it with a warranty. It’s as close to new as you can get without technically being “new”.

This is a good price for a powerful laptop. In fact, it’s a good desktop replacement. 4th generation i7.

What type of warranty is included?

Ok thanks. I have an HP 3-year leased laptop with my company and I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t Woot! that was buying the used/leased laptops. Think I’ll be buying one now…