HP ENVY 17.3" Intel i7 Touch Laptop

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HP ENVY 17.3" Intel i7 Touch Laptop
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CPU Benchmarks

Time to learn all about the processor

Some info with regards to the Geforce 840m for you gamers out there.

This style laptop amongst others made by hp have a hinge defect. They will charge you another 197.00 to fix the faulty hinge which only last 90 days please before you get suckered I to purchasing this as I did , Google hp hinge thousands of these models have the same problem and hp will not fix it warranty or not they say you must have dropped it. Never dropped mine and now stuck with a laptop that cannot be closed . As a woot buyer of this product I do not recommend anyone buy it

So the Intel CPU (didn’t realize that i7 could be only dual core, ever…) has the Intel 4400 graphics, but HP put in the Nvidia 840M also? Any idea how the two video systems compare?

Found this that allows comparison and whether either will run a particular game:


LOL the hand coming straight out of the big yellow “I want one” button.

Lots of i7 processors have 2 physical cores. The fact that this equates to 4 logical cores confuses people. The i7 4600M and down feature 2 physical cores.

If you read my post above and click the link for info on the 840m it will give you several benchmarks for games.

Does anyone know the model number fore this HP Envy Notebook? There are several models on Amazon, and now this one. Because I think I just bought a similar one at Best Buy this past week, new, for a lot more! Model# m7-K211dx.
It’s been over 10 yrs. since I purchased a laptop, and I like my new Envy very much. The keyboard is very similar to the one I use on my iMac desktop. The key pad is nice, but I prefer to use a mouse when I can. Visually, the screen is awesome! Dare I say as good or better than my iMac.
It loads fast, but of course I’m used to my old Dell that took forever to load, and I don’t have all my software installed yet. I’m new to Windows 8.1, but feel I’m picking up on it fairly quickly using You Tube videos, and David Pogues book, “The Missing Manual for 8.1”. BTW: great book for Win. 8.1.
I paid $1,029.99 for the Envy at Best Buy. New. But, had I seen this one, and if it’s the same model, I would have purchased it refurbished. Thanks for telling me about the hinges. They certainly look sturdy, but then I can’t see the rod that attaches them to the case which could be the problem? or not.
The disk drive does seem a bit fragile, but worked well when I loaded the free anti virus, Webroot that Best Buy offers free with the laptop.
The least impressive thing, is the Beats sound system. I use some wireless headphones which does help with the quality, but if I were Beats, I would be ashamed of attaching my name to this HP “Beats” system. The sound is muffled, or garble is the only way I can describe it. You would definitely want an auxiliary speaker for music or movies.
The laptop is big, and heavy at 17.3" Not something you would cart around easily, but I wanted this screen for digitizing software.
I’ve had one problem yesterday when the Start Screen did not function, but HP’s online chat was very easy to use, and they resolved it immediately. I’m not exactly sure what the problem was. HP Help Line si free for a year. I figure within that time I will have worked out all the kinks, and be totally happy with this model laptop, or really regret it. Right now, I’m impressed, and would buy again. Prior to this HP Envy, I purchased an Asus. It was trouble day one, loose keyboard keys, Fkeys did not function even with online Asus chat, and they wanted me to download over 5 updates to a new computer to fix the Fkey problem, which did not help. It was returned, and then I did more research and bought the HP Envy.

Can someone post the warranty info - it says it has a manufacturer, but no details on what that means. Or does the normal woot warranty apply?

OK, I am brain dead. I see the 90 day thing now. WOOOOOT

That is Thing.